:pl: :saints: Saints v Leeds United :leedsunitedfc:

:saints: v :leedsunitedfc:

First home match of the new season, let’s hope it’s better than the first away match of the season.

  • :saints:'s are screwed, no passion, no plan, no strikers. An easy :leedsunitedfc: win
  • :saints: to defy expectations again! Round pegs in round holes :saints: to win
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • :saints: 0-0 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 0-1 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 0-2 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 0-3 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 1-0 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 1-1 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 1-2 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 1-3 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 2-0 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 2-1 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 2-2 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 2-3 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 3-0 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 3-1 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 3-2 :leedsunitedfc:
  • :saints: 3-3 :leedsunitedfc:

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If its not we may just as well turn the lights out and leave the keys under the mat and wait for next seasons championship to start.

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I’ve posted this on the Spurs thread but maybe more relevant here;

We’ve been here before and Ralph has sorted it. I think the problem is the same as before: we’ve gone away from going the things we do well with the right players in the right positions. Only in the odd game has three at the back worked. I think Bednarek and Salisu are better as a two: a third CB gets in the way and leads to indecision. What I’d do is take the team that had a decent run last year, which is intact except for Forster and Broja, make minimal changes and go back to 4222. We’ve got Bazunu as a decent replacement for Forster: no problem. Livramento is out but Perrauld is cover as long as he’s fit, which he may not be with Djenepo starting ahead of him on Saturday - although I think it was a positive choice by Ralph. He sees Djenepo as a better attacking force but he doesn’t get back. He’s no KWP. I’d like JWP in his holding position alongside Romeu, although you could argue Lavia is an upgrade. SA and Elyounoussi or Aribo as the 10s. Then the problem. We need two strikers and we haven’t got any functioning ones.
Pick any two you like for now or maybe a 4231 with JWP or Lavia given licence to move forward. Then you only need one striker. But I think the problem is all of our strikers need a clinical experienced partner.

Rant over.

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Shit. Another game already?

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My thoughts precisely
At least I have lots of ale to numb the pain

Yep. And a rail strike, hotel prices through the roof so a 400 mile return journey punctuated by 90 mins of pain.

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Fire up y’all! Wore case scenario, game 2 of 10 right? Personally, if we bottle 5, see ya Ralph!

Seriously though @Shroppie is correct in his rant, new seasons seem to bring these fancy tactics from clubs so far removed from their best formation that it takes a while to work out not to fix what isn’t broken! Mind, it could be said that the pegs don’t fit the holes atm!

It will only take one positive performance early on to cast our stone in a differnet direction, hopefully one more positive of making, hopefully it’s this week.

Play the remaining new signing from the off, what’s to lose now? Need to get that home crowd on side early or toxic it shall be all year.

With being a tragic romantic with a positive outlook in life, I say first win! By hook or by crook, don’t care!!

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Also pondering a few positional conundrums. 5 at the back is pretty much a train wreck mainly because Moussa rarely plays in it defensively! Too many times Salisu was our LB when defending cause Moussa over attacked, which I can understand from his mentality as a winger. That lead to a massive amount of space and 5 playing as a lopsided 4 all day really!

Now Lyanco. I understand everyone’s opinion that his spot in the squad is tenuous at best BUT, has he really had a good run of games in the side to see if he will cut the mustard? From my recollection, when he got some form of runout, he looked decent and I was looking forward to seeing him develop. Then he got injured and here we are.

My preferred line up would be:


KWP Lyanco/ABK Salisu Perraud

Romeu Lavia JWP

S Armstrong Aribo

Mara (More likely A Armstrong as Che may/may not be here and Ralph, y’know)

Can clubs still get games called off for Covid outbreaks in their camps?

Asking for a coughing and sniffly friend in the Staplewood area…


In my opinion we shouldn’t be playing those three in midfield. Ralph is having a fucking laugh if he thinks Ori Romeu is able to do anything other than sit in front of the back four/five/eight whatever. When he does it well there aren’t many better. But as a box to box number 8? When his legs are arguably going, as it looked towards the end of the season, you don’t give him more running. Plus his attacking output is extremely limited.

If we are going to play with a central 3 then Stuart Armstrong ought to be in there as he can carry the ball forward as well as do a more defensive job. I think he is better defensively than Romeu is offensively if that makes sense. Assuming Aribo takes a more attacking role (which he will, because as we all know he’s definitely a striker…).

But because Romeu doesn’t necessarily deserve dropping, Ralph is kidding himself trying to find a spot for him now that Lavia looks like the real deal.

Again, good point re Ori. I’m backing Lavia over him for now until he needs a break and that’s when Ori can slot straight into that position. IF its a midfield 3, yes to Stu. Then that 2nd attacking spot either (based on those on the books) goes to Moi or Redders. Good luck getting that past the fanbase! Id choose Redders fwiw

Poll added to the OP

No 0:9 ?

Need to include something for the real pessimists Bob.

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Home win. 2 goals. Only concede 1.

Yep I am on something. Or other.

Off to pick lottery

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Doesn’t the “:saints: are screwed…” option cover that?

Not clearly enough I’m afraid :wink:

And that Mail article has worked…


Good afternoon y’all!

Having had me venting sash the other day, I am surprisingly confident we will either win or Ralph gets sacked. Win-win really. Well, if we win and he doesn’t get the sack, that may be a loss, if you follow my line of reasoning!

I think it is fairly apparent he doesn’t have the dressing room and it’s literally inevitable he will be sacked at some point of the season and bearing this in mind, who would be ready, willing and available to step in?

“fairly apparent”

Really? How so, Oz?