:saints: Saints v Huddersfield :huddersfieldtownfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Huddersfield :huddersfieldtownfc:

Last game of the season, :saints: are safe, vote below on what you think the result will be :-

  • :saints: are safe, :huddersfieldtownfc: are relegated, who gives a damn
  • :huddersfieldtownfc: are relegated, :saints: are safe, who gives a damn

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I hope I can come back to this thread at the right time next year and feel as mildly optimistic as I do now about our probable premier league survival into the 2019/20 season…

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OK sports fans, tickets for this go on sale on Monday. I’ve decided that “his short leggedness” and I will attend. I’m just praying that we’re not looking for the final win/points for survival. Probably too early for a beer thread …


Never too early for a beer thread and as it’s the season finale I think it’s a good idea.

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Indeed. Gets my vote.

Tickets purchased … usual pitches. @SimplySaint and I are in town for the occasion. I will take it upon myself to start the beer thread in due course. However, I will reserve the right to cancel our appearance if this game becomes a “must win to survive” at which point I cannot be held responsible for bring bad luck on the team.




I might have to work that day so won’t know until nearer the time, I am not very happy, this will be the first last home game of the season that I will have missed for 20 odd years.

I’m sure LITSL has this programme :wink:

Proper programmes and Watneys Red Barrel

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Get in!


Ralph could pick the U18s or his 1st team. Wont make a difference, I’m going so we will play shit & lose.

And Pompey bottom of the table :grinning:

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Happy days I’m sure.

What’s even worse is @SimplySaint and I will also be in attendance. A loss for sure. Every time we set foot in the stands, the old couple who sit near us put their heads in their hands. It has become a bit of a joke … maybe this is the turning point ? COYR :saints:


I couldn’t give a shit about this game, I am watching the City game and hope they’re 5-0 up after 4 minutes.

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Hilarious poll added to the OP

I couldn’t make up my mind about the poll … decisions, decisions. Went with Saints safe, Udders relegated. Now I’m thinking I was too hasty and it should have been Udders relegated and Saints safe. Nooooo. I hate having to make my mind up. Blown it now.

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I fear I may have been too vague in the wording of the poll. Ne’er mind, too late to make any changes to it.

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You missed out
There’s a football match today? I thought it was a Beer Ex.

Think we should have a sweepstake on which forum member does a citeh fan and is seen legging it for a piss when we score a worldy winner.

Any more than 2 pints before the game, I’m screwed

I was near certain to have been at that game…missed very few home games at that time.

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I was there, but didn’t start collecting the progs until we were in Div 1.

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