:saints: Saints v FC KÖLN :colognefc: (Friendly)


:saints: v :colognefc:


Anyone else going to this?


Can’t make it as I’m out with my Pompey supporting mate. Saints had better win!

Shame as Cologne is my ‘German team’. Not that I have a German team.


Yes. Looking forward to this.

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No, I’ll still be on my hols


Have saints fucked about with the ticket buying process

Trying to buy for my nephew and father in law and apparently need an account??

You used to be able to buy what you wanted on general sale


Swaythling Athletic v Notts County.


Noticed that. Can’t you just go to the ticket office on the day. Can’t see it being sold out tbf. Mind you, now there’s a new Fan Zone…


Got there in the end

Two of who I was buying for had accounts but had forgotten their passwords and couldn’t add me as friends and family. Then because the password reset is complete wank they got locked out

Had to go the the stadium and buy manually - on the up side I got them to link the accounts

That website can really be a pile of toss


“…That website is really a pile of toss”

That’s what you meant



As we in it say…PICNIC :man_shrugging:


Unity for a couple beforehand anyone?


Yes, would like to try there.
Do they do food, or best to eat beforehand?


Don’t think they do food.


I shall eat on the way then. Cheers for letting me know. I’ll be there around 12:30

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Having thought I couldn’t make it to this game, it turns out that I probably can. Are tickets available on the day, and if so how much are they? And if I do get there I can get to the Unity Tap too.


7 quid for season ticket holders I think. You’ll definitely be able to buy at ticket office. See you at Unity!


Might get a good a good look at Djenepo today.



D. Ings

1 - 0

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Where you getting the info, Phil?