:pl:⚽ :saints: Saints v Everton :evertonfc:

:saints: v :evertonfc:

Has big Frank changed :evertonfc:'s fortunes? Will they come to SMS on a high? Will :saints:'s recent results bouy them and they’ll actually dispatch of :evertonfc:?

Watch this space for next week’s exciting episode of the Saints football club!!

  • We are Saints. It’s the hope that kills us. We are not allowed nice things. Stupid Ref, crap VAR and we never play well against them. :evertonfc: to break our hearts © @Polski_Filip
  • Good game of football which :evertonfc: edge, cue the Big Frank media love-in and the fickle cries of Ralph out
  • :saints: continue their good vein of form and put the false dawn of the “Grand Old Team” :face_vomiting: to bed. :saints: to win
  • whatever @rugbysaint predicts
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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We are Saints. It’s the hope that kills us.
We are not allowed nice things.
Stupid Ref, crap VAR and we never play well against them.
Everton to break our hearts

If we can play like we did against spurs and the second half against utd, we should notch a home win.

But I suspect we won’t. 1-2, disputed VAR mishap to decide it.

I have a ticket for this one, and a scouse mate coming down with a crisp 50 GBP note in his pocket to give me after we have stuck at least 3 goals past them.

He has just arrived back from China with a new covid variant so please all wear your masks.


Poll added to the OP

Are you still here?? I thought you’d gone back to EG

Havent had my dads funeral yet so will be here for this one.

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A glimmer of hope.
I’m working Saturday.
Wont be able to listen

Scouse mate has fucked off to Dubai with my 50 knicker and will be unable to hand it over as earlier suggested.


Lawro’s still a cunt and so is the Villa fan.

Southampton v Everton

Everton got the performance and the result they needed against Leeds last weekend, and that was a huge win for them.

Now their next target is to improve their form away from Goodison Park because they have won only once on the road all season, and that was back in August. Burnley are the only top-flight team to have picked up fewer points on their travels.

I wouldn’t underestimate Southampton, either. They have only lost once at home in 2021-22 and are a tough nut to crack at St Mary’s, as the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United have already found out.

All things considered, Everton boss Frank Lampard will probably be happier if his side just make themselves a little harder to beat.

Lawro’s prediction: 1-1

Reuben’s prediction: Frank Lampard is already making a difference at Everton. 0-1

I’ll find out at 05:30 tomorrow if Transport for Wales are in the mood to provide me with a train.

Otherwise 400 mile drive and no pub, or skip it.

Train cancelled. Looking at the forecast, staying at home.

Just seen Everton’s flight down is cancelled, so it’s coach or last minute flight for them. Could even be postponed.

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Jammy escape for them if postponed :roll_eyes:

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What are the chances of the Hythe ferry running tomorrow?
it was cancelled today.

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Start walking? :man_shrugging:t3:


You need a better WhatsApp group mole… :roll_eyes:
They flew to Bompey.
30m later the empty plane flew to Southampton
Very eco friendly that

Fuelled somewhat by Beaujolais, my spirit of adventure has pushed me to devise a cunning plan to make it to the game.

Bring it on.

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How the f*CK can you know that from the desolate wastes of Eastern Europe?


He is using Putin’s and the Stasi’s resources