:saints: Saints v Crystal Palace :crystalpalacefc: (PL)

:saints: v :crystalpalacefc:

Lawro says :-

Southampton v Crystal Palace

Both of these teams have been playing well of late and, although they are both only three points above the relegation zone, they seem to be heading in the right direction.

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl is doing a good job and his team are unbeaten in the league in 2019.

Crystal Palace gave Liverpool a scare and are still in the FA Cup too after beating Tottenham. Winning games does you good, whatever competition you are in.

I think Saints will edge Palace and win this game but, whatever the result, the teams immediately below these two are in far more immediate danger of the drop.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Yizzy’s prediction: 1-2

Sotonians say :-

  • :saints: back on the HĂĽttl express and steam roller :crystalpalacefc:, winning by 2 or more goals.
  • Tight game that :saints: edge by the odd goal
  • :crystalpalacefc: bouyant after their demolition of :tottenhamfc: in the :trophy: and near demolition of :liverpoolfc: in the league, run riot and hammer :saints:
  • Tight game that :crystalpalacefc: edge by the odd goal
  • No strikers, no pride, 0-0
  • Score draw, Benteke scores a jammy, deflected 40 yard equaliser in the 5th minute of time added on at the end of the match. Shot initially going out for a throw in before it ricochets off Ings’ knee and loops over McCarthy.
  • Score draw, no dramas.

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Probably a bit early to try & form Krakow Saints. Also new phone need to reinstall mobdro

I presume you will be changing your username in the near future?

Here’s an idea. Let’s have a poll.


Lawro Watch

The twat has gone and given us a 2-1 home win so that is us fucked


Somebody called Yizzy has given Palace a 1-2 win so are we looking at a 3-3 draw?


Merson has gone for a 2-1 Palace win so that should even things out.

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I think you’ll find that makes it 5-4 to us.

Poll added

1, 3, 5 & 7 count as the odd goal if we do hammer them

Where the feck is the pedant emoji response?



Yeah but may need to get the boss to come up with an apt Polish word that isn’t Kourva or Pierdola, having an Asian & EU Based PP may be a tad complex a Friday night

Did you know Google translate says the Polish for Dickhead…

…wait for it…


We’re all more multilingual than we thought.



I have learned a new word.

(May not have the spelling yet) but I think it will be very helpful one day on the msm thread)


Krakow Saints are up and running.

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Totally shit defending- you could see it coming

Cedric would have closed him down