:pl: :saints: Saints v Chelsea :chelseafc: (live on Sky)

:saints: v :chelseafc:

  • :chelseafc: are doing rather well and continue to do rather well against another disjointed :saints: performance, Mount and Abraham perform the Giroud role and star in a rout. :chelseafc: to win by 2+ goal
  • Ralph has got the :saints: team working together and they strut their stuff and humiliate Lampard, :saints: by the odd goal
  • @BTripz had the chance to go but turned it down as he is :saints: anathema when he attends, consequently Che scores his first 3 :pl: goals for the club in a :chelseafc: whupping, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • bore draw
  • scored draw
  • boring, boring :chelseafc: win by the odd goal

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I have this down as a 2-1 Saints win
Adams to get the winner

0-3 Chelsea, our defence is wank and thats all there is to it.

Nice to see that normal business has resumed. COYR

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Well they are, seen our managers comments on them?

No i haven’t.
Show me please.

Christ, we’ve found the 1 person who uses the horrendous Daily Echo website.

I don’t think he’s read it. Ralph’s main point about why we lost wasn’t the defence. It seemed more about miss placed passes and a couple of great saves.

“We cannot be happy because we will not have as big a chance to win here.

“Being clinical is a step of development we have to take.

“We weren’t cool enough not to finish the game and that’s something we have to work on.”

“The momentum was on our side after the equaliser but we must come in at half-time at 1-1 and then we can adapt our shape a little bit,”

“I didn’t change immediately because we still needed to have a good defence and they still had good quality with [Heung-Min] Son, [Harry] Kane and [Christian] Eriksen.

“And I was right. It was exactly what happened but the way we defended the second goal was simply not good enough.”

“For 25 minutes in the second half we created chances and we had a few big ones with Maya’s header, which I don’t think many other goalkeepers would have saved. That was a little unlucky.

“But in the last 20 minutes, when normally the opponent gets tired, we stopped being calm on the ball.

“We gave the ball away too easily and the decisions got worse and worse."

Apologies if you have read it Barry, but there’s little there to back your claim. Cheers for the link though.

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Not a lot to disagree with there. Still think we should have gone to a flat back 4 earlier though. We struggled against Kane, Song and Eriksen because JWP but got dry butt fucked at right wing back so Ralph’s selection has to be looked at there.

You’re cherry-picking as usual Bazza and ignoring the whole comment…what he’s actually saying is we need to play better as a team against the top six sides.

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Again, nothing to disagree with there. I can’t see where he says they’re wank though. Maybe he should have played a right back at right back?

How can I cherry pick what the official source has said without editing it? I haven’t, accept we have a wank defence and move on from it, I have.

You really don’t know how to read properly do you? Read the quote again.

This just sent to me by Arse fan from their forum …

I’ve written a poem for the occasion

Frankie Lampard
Isn’t that hard
If you take him to the Shard
And drop him on the yard

Here ia a poem what I have wrote.

Frank Lampards Chelsea are comin to town
Ralphies boys are gonna take em down.
Those wankers The Blues are gonna lose
The thought of playing The Mighty Reds has got those tossers shittin their beds.
The Chapel Kops Mighty Roar
Is gonna shake those pansies to the core.
With pace and skill and sublime passes
We are gonna put those cunts on their arses.
Frankies Uncle is a skate cunt and a deluded retard
And Mason Mount a gobby dirty skate bastaaard.
The game’s on TV and we are going to thrill
Southampton 2 Chelsea 0.

The End


#sportingjingoism :rofl::man_shrugging: