Saints v. Chelsea Build Up & Match Thread

4pm - Sunday.

Well up for this, hopefully Boufal can produce another cracker and I fancy us to win it 2-1.

Team selection I’d like to see Forster, McQueen, Fonte, Virgil, Cuco, Oriol, Hojbjerg, Davis, Boufal, Tadic, Austin - near enough our strongest available I’d say and should give us a really good chance at home.

Personally going to be an enjoyable one as:

a) I get paid on Friday :tada:

b) I am done with my exams so won’t feel guilty about going to the pub to watch the game

EDIT : Changed title so people know it’s a match thread.


Can we all hope that Hazard wakes up feeling poorly?


Is that the eigth dwarf?

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Originally posted by @Goatboy

Can we all hope that Hazard wakes up feeling poorly?

Is that the eigth dwarf?

I think that’s Jordy

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Agreed, Hazard vs Cuco makes me a bit nervous :lou_surprised:

here’s a nice article about Romeu


Cahill marking anyone should make them nervous.

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Down visiting the folks in Hythe for a few days from tomorrow

Likely to have a couple of hours free on Sunday for the game.

Anyone know if it’s on at The Nelson / anyone going to be there?

Anyone else wonder why they spent time putting make up on Romeu?

He looks like that all the time to opposition players on the pitch

Is this JxgrSaint’s first match thread start?

No idea on this one. Chelsea can be a bit strange and do have a few off days, but when they click, boy do they click. We have a patchy recent record against them, great win away last season and then lost at home.

Saying this we are pretty handy at the moment.

I really have no idea on this one. 1-1?

I think we will win, 2-1

and I’ve never been wrong

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You said it wouldn’t hurt. You were wrong about that you bastard.

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He wasn’t wrong, He was just lying.


I will be amazed if we get a result today. Chelsea have looked very good recently even without last year’s standout player Willian.

Big game for our full backs. Chelsea play 3 at the back so if we can pin their wide players back into their own half we may get some joy.

I think we will do OK on midfield but fear we will get hit on the break.

Hazard has been shit hot and I reckon we will struggle to contain him.

Hope I am wrong but I’m going for 1-2 Chelsea.

Unless someone hacks hazard :lou_wink_2:



Hope I am wrong but I’m going for 1-2 Chelsea.

Unless someone hacks hazard"

Agreed - Think someone may have to take one for the team today. Who is the most expendable?

We will win this comfortably 2- 0

some Geordie at work has bet me 50 MYR Chelsea will win so I could not, not take his money.

Oh yea of little faith…I’m sat here just finishing off my porridge in the legendary stripey bowl…job done.

Our brave boys to win 3 - 1. :lou_lol:


Looks like a pretty full squad for Barasti this afternoon. Clocks going back have helped as have time to get home change & go by taxi.

Taking tourists to swell the numbers, a Gooner & his lad who supports Chelsea, just to keep Eric honest.

We need to win to stay in touch with the top 5 they say…

I just hope the other Chelsea turn up & we avoid a wallop in

Odds on a Chelsea penalty today?

Think this might be a really good game, with both teams playing well.

Agree with Goatboy that our fullbacks will be important for us, but will also open it up a bit for Chelsea.

3-2 will be my bet today. Will wait for the team announcement before i choose a first goal scorer.