:saints: Saints v Celta Vigo :celtavigo: RESULT 3-2

:saints: v :celtavigo:

I think this is the first matchthread.

Celta Vigo at home they were shite for me when I bet on them last season so a convincing 1-0 home win scored by one of the new guys.

If they were in Chronoligical order from the top @saintbletch ?

I still have a ticket going spare for this if anyone wants it.

Use the Calendar feature :wink: They’re in chronological order in that!! :wink: :wink:



Yoshi and Cedric likely to make their return to the squad after world cup duty.

I’m a little concerned by this…

“We’re getting a good amount of minutes into everybody now. The next couple of games will give me a good idea in terms of how we’ll actually line up against Burnley in terms of personnel, but I won’t show all my hand.”

With two games of preseason left I’d have hoped that he knew that now and was playing that team (late returners excepted).

It’s live on th e Saints website

The £5 a month one?

The one you can’t stream from in the middle of a field in Dorset?




Eh, no the actual website


Armstrong looking quite tasty

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0:1 to them

Good goal though

It’s definitely a preseason game


The one that no matter how many times i refresh, it still says not started yet.
southamptonfc.com matchday live?
Piece of :poop:

Good arse?

Hughes was speculating earlier that we’d be better than them and that they’d be like us at Derby because their season starts later than ours.

This might be preseason but we’ve got one more game before we play Burnley - who have already had one competitive game in Europe.

Formation? Does it look like Hughes knows how he wants us to play?

Not watching either, but if knowing pretty early in a game that we’re going to lose is his objective, you have to say, well done MP2.

Don’t start shitting your knickers yet. At least wait till Christmas.