:pl: :saints: Saints v Bournemouth :bournemouthfc: (ON SKY SPORTS)

:saints: v :bournemouthfc:

  • :bournemouthfc: are on a high after dispatching a poor :evertonfc:, :saints: huff and puff but just can’t match their energy and succumb to a thrashing, :bournemouthfc: to win by 2+ goals
  • :saints: are learning to play together and up their game for the visit of their “little brothers”, they show them how to play and win by 2+ goals
  • the usual Vestergaard high ball fuck up sees :bournemouthfc: win by the odd goal
  • :saints: play well but :bournemouthfc: defend well, a deflected shot off of Long’s arse trickles into the net giving :saints: the victory by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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My premium* seat is available for this crunch nerve wracker of a mouth watering derby against Bompey.

I am gutted to miss it, but I know that any number of you will bite my hand off / throw cash my way for this one. Let me know Sotonians.

*right behind Fowllyd. No better place to be.

Tbh I think on top of Megan Fox might be a marginally better place to be.


Time to get this one back in circulation.
This could be quite difficult and will be a tight / close game
with us coming out with a 90 minute winner by Long.

Whoever Megan Fox is ?

Never fear. Bletch will be in attendance (thanks @Bucks!).

We always* win when I go to St. Mary’s.

* except when we lose. Or draw.


Unbelievably this will be the first time I have seen Bournemouth. Every other year The Ayatollah has somehow engineered us being away for the fixture

I will watching from a boozer in Birmingham, ahead of my usual T20 finals trip. If we play as well as we did when @saintbletch last attended we could even look comfortably good. Dangerous thought I know.

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You going to meet us pre-match for a beer, haven’t met you in person yet, unless I have.

I am not confident about this one, I know we had a good win on Saturday but Bournemouth did equally well against Everton. Whatever, it’s my first "live"match of the season so I’m looking forward to it.


Hoping we dont have an early morning job Saturday (bloody Polish booze Laws)
If clear I’m heading into town to watch. If not I have a couple craft lagers for early warm ups

When you said this I thought you were coming over with her but obviously I mis-understood…

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Hoping for a trip in November.
Mrs away for a weekend = weekend in Krakow alone.
No way I’d miss out on that :wink::roll_eyes::innocent:

Why is @Bucks called Bucks again?

Question from Twitter.

Lack of any imagination by me. Lived in Buckinghamshire when I signed up to the other place. Sorry its less dramatic than you might have hoped for.

Poll added to the OP, have at it Sotonians…

No, that is perfectly icebox.

So @BTripz is really a Bompey supporter ?

Nope, I just have a bad feeling about this one…

The Ayatollah has banjaxed that by making me take her for something to eat before hand - post match might be different but she probably has a plan to fuck that up too