:saints: Saints v Arsenal :arsenalfc: (PL)

:saints: v :arsenalfc:

  • Southampton humiliate Arsenal by scoring a goal and then defending like they’ve never defended before
  • Southampton’s strikers find the net, on multiple occasions, and score more than Arsenal
  • Hasenhüttl’s training regime has killed the players and Arsenal run riot
  • Bore Draw
  • By some miracle a score draw
  • £250m squad value, £250m worth of cod :poop:

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Better if you can see it Tripsy


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Concur, but the omnibox couldn’t work out the URL for some reason, @saintbletch will give us the technicalities.

A rejuvenated Arsenal versus a Saints team that didn’t even get their day off! Think it’s going to be carnage.

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I have faith in the manger but have no faith in the ability of the team assembled before his appointment.
0-3 Arsenal.

Well be lucky to get Nil Bazza.
Hopefully the lads will be on their knees before the game with all the extra fitness work they need to do

12 votes so far, that’s the most popular match day poll I’ve created so far

This one will please @Barry-Sanchez :blush:

Arsenal have a game on Thursday and also have a mini injury crisis at the back. I think we are going to turn them over 3-1.


I have to drink all my saved for a special occasion booze before I move to Poland but none of that would put me on a level where I’d say something as stupid as that


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Stop being such a fun sponge. I’m going to put a quid on 3-1 to Saints and will buy Simon a yacht (2nd hand not brand new) with the winnings.


Tight cunt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I remember we beat City 3-1 not long after Pochettino took over. History will repeat itself.

Nope. Sky Vodka & Cherry Vodka Mai Tai still says 0-3 to the Arse

Anyone else pining for Wenger right now?

Also, does anyone remember being linked with their new boss? Birruva laugh in retrospect, eh? *

*Courtesy of “Cilla Black’s Football Wisdom”, where I get the majority of my facts.

Dont forget Paul Allens yacht is available now. you could park it next to the cement works for easy access to St Mary’s.

I have.

Be better off sticking fraser Forster at centre half

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