:pl: :Saints: Saints v Arsenal :arsenalfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :arsenalfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

  • :arsenalfc: on a hot run at the moment, they’ll be too strong for :saints: an :arsenalfc: win
  • :saints: to score early and then backs to the wall conceding the inevitable goal in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Score draw
  • bore draw
  • :saints: to win.

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Another home loss incoming :slight_smile:

We are on a roll now another incoming win :slight_smile:

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Not only that, we’ll end up top half with it!!


Delusional the both of you :slight_smile:

its afternoon in our parts of the world and we have beer :slight_smile:


Far King Oath!!

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2 tough games played with 110% Perraud looked broken, KWP crocked, how does Adams recover in time?
Arse have a gentle stroll in Europe with a rotated side tonight.

We have no chance.

But we do have Lyanco so maybe it will be fun to watch for a change

I take that means you have lots of beer :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m going with this one - he is always making loads of money with his bets. I will only change my mind if I find out that the bet placed secretly is on an Arsenal win!

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I shall put a picture up beforehand of where my money is going and as its against the Arse should get good odds :slight_smile:
in fact here they are already

We only see the winning slips mind you :wink:


Thats the betting slip you can work out how much I put on when the winning slip goes up :slight_smile:

Not on different accounts though :wink:

I cant be arsed with that. its bad enough trying to sign into the one account when its registered in the UK and your not actually there.

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Oh fuck :tired_face:


Well, shit. This is what it is, who’s gonna win the RB chocolates for this one and until Tino is back? If we go back 3 I’m gonna be all “Sack Ralph” too.

We’ve got two problems. RB could be Larios, Djenepo, Lyanco (or Perrauld with one of those LB) or JWP, but using him would make problem 2, which is DM, worse.

AMN can’t play, Lavia isn’t ready so with JWP it looks like Diallo or possibly SA unless he is radical and tries, for example, Lyanco in that role.

Should be fun.