Saints Stoke the fear of relegation

Saints Stoke the fear of relegation


Go on then I can take the blame for this one.

3-0 Saints and our fear is alleviated but Stokes is heightend


A massive game. I shall be getting shitfaced before, during and after as a coping mechanism.


There’s no way we’re going to lose this one.



A bold prediction. How much wedge would you put on that?


25 beer tokens will be placed on. Saints winning not the correct score :lou_is_a_flirt:


Let me see.

Stoke will set up to press us all over the pitch.

They will break up our rhythm which will cause us to hurry passes. We will start goofing the ball to our 4 feet tall midfielders who will get flattened by a bunch of steroid munching monsters.

Redmond will not run at defenders Tadic will look to play Hollywood balls not the simple ones.

Luckily because Stoke don’ have the pace of Liverpool it will be a turgid 0-0 At HT not game over like Bindippers

2nd half they will go route 1 we will concede the winner from their only shot at goal.

The fans will be in the pub 1 minute before the game ends.

OR Sims could start with Gabbi Romeu & Redmond dropped and we will win 2-1

Whatever happens will be a positive lesson to take forwards


I’ NOT wasting £40 going to pub to watch this btw


Confusedmush he say

“It is not the quality of your squad that is important, it is the quality of your ball into the box which matters.”


This will be a fine line between delirium and depression


We’ll win this one easy and everyone will wonder what all the fuss has been about. We will concede of course, probably a goal from Shakira-Shakira. 3-1 Saints!


We’re fucked, 1-0 hammering and we will be deep in the relegation zone


Never mind the sodding match, stick to the vital topic: where is GB getting shitfaced beforehand?


You’re getting as bad As @fatso @btripz a 1-0 result means we win I am certain you mean a 0-1 Hammering :lou_lol:


Sorry @philippinesaint

We are going to get dicked 0-1 by Stoke, they will score in the 89th minute after putting on a 10 man defensive display. Saints will have 75% posession and have 2 shots on target.


That is possibly what is going to happen @btripz but my 25 nicker says we are goingt to win.


In years to come, when people visit Mustwinton and go to the Sixpointer Museum in the town square, the one next to the traffic camera where the only correct result has to be three points, if they ask the museum curator Mustapha Victory what he judges to be the greatest ever example of the museum’s genre, his eyes will light up.

He will take them to the basement of the museum, past the old dusty sofas and the stacked chairs, and there at the bottom of a table, he will uncover the old safe.

As the big rusting door creaks open, Mustapha will step aside and proudly point to a fluffy triangular cushion within.

He will then point again, because sometimes one point is just not good enough.

And embroidered atop this splendid gold-frilled but worryingly uncomfortable, three-pointed cushion, will be the simple words Southampton v Stoke City.


I’m down this weekend but with the weather won’t be in there until 5ish.


I am feeling surprisingly chipper about this game. I fancy a 2-0 win but a dour game. I think the bitter winds from Siberia might have effected my brain cells but what the hell.


What was the score on the cushion please? Asking for a friend.


What about the half and half scarf??