Saints going to get it up the Arse

Saints going to get it up the Arse


Well the polite thread title never worked so how about this one?

It cannot be possible that we are as bad up athe Arse as we were at the council stadium.

But I think we will probably lose this one as well.

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You win nowt with kids.

3 experienced players Davies Maya and Romeu nowhere near the team and we keep making schoolboy mistakes and show no leadership.

Twitter & TSW as my h to blame as well. The days of Mike Bassett are long gone.

Totally not wasting 40 quid going to the pub for this

We won’t even get any Lube.


Out a sense of duty…and sheer blind optimism I’m going for a draw. Don’t ask me to justify it any further apart from the likelihood of playing our most loyal and experienced players as aforementioned by Phil.



Perhaps this morning wasn’t a good time for the social media team to post a Happy Easter message on the official FB page.

Some gems in the comments section




Ouch ouch

Again the comments


It hardly surprising, we’re a classic style over substance club, self appraisals of how good we are and now well funny, we’re shit and we’re going to get fucked.


Rather foolishly I’m going to this game. I’m paying £50 or more to sit in with Arsenal fans. It’s almost the definition of “stupid twat”.


I e-mailed the club last week to ask who I claimed the cost of my un-refundable train tickets, now that they had moved the game from the Monday. They replied saying that they couldn’t refund travel costs, but If i wanted a refund of the match tickets.

After walking out of yesterday’s abortion with over 20 mins left (and I was pleading with my mates to go at half-time) I will be taking them up on their offer and our 5 won’t be going.


We are going to get well shafted.

#Myname is barry


Keeping the faith, dont know why but I think we might get a draw. Stranger things have happened.


The only hope we have is that they are between Europa League ties, I think we may just sneak a draw but otherwise we’re going to get ripped a new one.


3-1 Saints


Well I hope that they’re going to make a fist of it!


As long as the Arse play for 90+ mins like they did for 85 versus Stoke and then don’t get a dodgy penalty, we will be fine :lou_lol:


If you have ever wondered what the meaning of the sporting term “a good length” was, I suspect we are just about to discover it.


Lot of short stuff about as well on TMS


Time for the blood letting. Abilityy vs Balls.

If ever we needed a fit and firing Steve Davis back this is it.

Lemina - obvious class but cost us golas in last two games and we crumbled after each of them. Can we trust him not to do it again? Drop

Tadic - I think that he THINKS he tries, but it is not working at the moment Drop

Redmond - He has the Balls but he doesn’t (yet) understand what to do with them. Looks like a fish out of water when he is pressed Drop

Boufal - Think we are beyond step overs and potential now. No doubt that he cares but not yet got the cutting edge. As such one step over from being brushed aside. Keep

PEH - Horrible mistake trying too play the ball out but he has what it takes Keep

JWP - Just hides in so many games (mainly when up against bigger quicker lumps) but need him to play the passes forwards Keep

Romeu - Has been shocking - off the pace and indecisive. Has to step up now Keep

Gabbi - So long and thanks for the memories - completely ineffective and lightweight Austin covered more ground than him Saturday Drop

Carrillo - is he still here? Drop

Stephens - Unfortunately we only have one CB spare - and Jack plays right side Maya plays left Keep - just

Hoedt - being shown up for his lack of pace and his effort isn’t matching his lack of experience - tough call but he goes Drop

Maya - Hail Mary time but he does have experience - Keep

Cedric - living on past glories has looked a fish out of water of late Pied is no better than Championship standard but has to come in Cedric has offered nothing Drop

Betrand - If Matty was still here an easy decision, Matty isn’t so Keep.

Macca Keep

Chazza Keep

Long Keep

Sims Hesketh have to be in contention now


Pied Stephens Maya Bertrand

Romeu PEH

JWP Davis (I Wish) Sims




FF Hoedt Cedric Lemina Long Tadic Carrillo

Just think we would see more effort from that line up


Oh. This may change our plans…

Bit slow off the mark one of our crew already booked in for a round of golf…


Thing is Phil, I dont think we have a bad squad and that these arent bad players. We are just completely shot of confidence and it is spreading like wildfire. It all seemed to start with the Fonte debacle - God knows what happened there but his antics seemed to set the ball rolling - followed up with VVD playing the dickhead too and a downward spiral has ensued. Puel has show at Leicester that he isnt a bad manager, Pellegrino wasnt when he came but I think we broke him. I am not a big Sparky fan but he knows his way around the Prem and it looks like we might break him too! The plot has been well and truly lost and I doubt if you could currently cobble any team together including some youngsters that would make a difference. It comes to something when we are praying for Yoshi to get fit!