Saints at home midweek, maybe there'll be some interesting possibilities

Saints at home midweek, maybe there'll be some interesting possibilities


Well to be honest I was fully expecting to start this thread after a heavy defeat to the Gooners but, to the surprise of many, we handled ourselves quite well and came out with a credible 1-1 draw. Although we probably could and should have won it at a canter.

This mid-week sees the returning of the recently departed Claude Puel, will his Leicester team be the fox in the box or will the slowly evolving style of MoPo MKII prevail.

I expect plenty of changes from Sunday as most of the players ran their blood to water. I also expect a narrow 1-0 defeat, but there you go!!


1:0 & someone clobbers Vardy - hard which the ref doesn’t see



No…with video evidence being used for retrospective action I hope one of our lads gets him with a fair but devastating tackle. :innocent:


They seem to have hit a bit of form but we have also improved. I’m hoping to see Austin up front and Boufal and Lemina playing. Would rather not see Redmond at all. Hopefully Cedric will be back but not a complete disaster if he isn’t.

Saints win 2-1


Let’s get Puel beaten and safely back to his job at goblin infested Gringotts, I mean King Power Stadium.


Mhmm … need to get some comedy back into the thread title if we are looking for a win. These ‘BTQuips’ a bit Stan Boardman :lou_surprised:


Claude has been telling jokes as far as I can tell at his presser. He seems a lot more relaxed


He hasn’t got Les Reed in his earpiece anymore.

According to my very unreliable source, Saints managers/coaches are obliged to wear an earpiece at all times.

Les Reed is piped in, and constantly harrasses them. saying stuff like “I’m Les Reed”, “I’m the governor”, “you’re nuffink, son!” or “don’t tangle with me, you little spanner. I batted Cortese out of here, quicksmart, with one of his own facking spoons!”

According to this same source, our recent good form is entirely down to Les’ preoccupation with a potential rival, a certain “Harrow Res”, a name the new Chinese owners bring up at the start of every meeting.

Les has been too busy fruitlessly Googlin’ his phantom foe to bother the team or manager.


2-0 Gabbiadini to get a brace Rat boy to be clobbered by VVD who will start smiling again instead of scowling when the camera is on him.


Ok, someone clobbers him hard when the video feed inexplicably goes down (Goat - do you have a gadget for that?)


This is the perfect game for Gardos. Bring him on in the 89th minute. Point him at Vardy. Flying two foot at kne height and then fuck off back to the reserves ad infinitum.

The problem I have here is that I am getting optimistic about our form, which inevitably means we will get twatted. Cruel fate won’t allow me to get complacent. This combined with the fact that the world is discovering Puel is a decent manager. 0-2 to the foxes.


Leicester move the ball quickly through their midfield and up to Mahrez/Albrighton. I would def. play Lemina to apply some pressure in there. Stop the supply to those 2 and we can beat Leicester.


Wow, Epic prose about the Premier League from Oriel (Actually an article about Chazza for England)

Everything is so tight, as soon as you win you can go higher but as soon as you lose you drop.’

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2- 1 Saints. We have to score from a corner sometime


Lemina to play a blinder. Boufal to outshine Mahrez. Charlie to score again. VVD to keep Vardy totally in his pocket. And the sun to shine at 10pm.


Charlie to bow to the crowd after scoring the winner and his arse cheeks accidently pop open,


that Fokker was a Messerschmitt


Fook me BTBlitz, a bastarding darn vote? Next you’ll be compliaing that I bombed yer chipshop :lou_lol:

(get with the comedy thread titles, or you will doom us to defeats, relegation and ultimately forum implosion as all the wee that the Tena cant cope with shorts out the server)


Comedy is in the eye of the beholder my dear fallen angel. One would suggest the average German has more comedy in their sould than you.

In fact were you to perish I’m sure the total comedy quotient of the world would rise slightly!!


Harsh, I feel a light lump in my throat, and my eyes have glazed over as reality of those words sink in . I would weep were it not that tears dont last in the furace of hell

Saints 4 - 2 Leicester