:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy

:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy


Labour camp here he comes.


Bet Putin is regretting giving him citizenship


Ffs, you going to report every pen


Croatia score and lead.


Modric you lucky bugger


Russia score but are still behind


Croatia score…if Russia miss curtains


Russia score…still alive…just


Croatia need this to win and…they do.


England play Croatia.


England v Croatia - @Fowllyd v @Rallyboy.


You did report them all :smirk:


So how many of the Croatians are injured / banned for our game


Yeah but tell your wife I was bitterly… BITTERLY disappointed Lovren was there to miss a vital penalty.


Just told her
She lolled


If only someone could instruct the rest of the world, it would be a far better game all round.


Torn between us winning or losing

The C_S family holiday is in Croatia this year…


Guess I’ll just have to support England in the semi-final now :lou_sad:


I’ve noticed very good turnouts against teams un favoured by Russians support wise.

We can’t go out to them. Not now.
Finals or fk all. Xx


Fully expected to wake up to the news that Russia had annexed Croatia this morning.

Wonder who the Russian public will throw their support behind now they’re out?

Wouldn’t it be great if they all became England fans for the next week - despite our leaders hating each other the people have actually grown quite fond of each other and their teams.

They’ll probably poison us all with nerve agent instead.