:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy

:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy


Not enough fouling, injuries or red cards for my liking


When I met her she was a Man U fan. I converted her but she doesn’t feel it like us


The Russians are playing a full team midfield press at 86 mins.

They are mega fit…or scared of something.


Hammy or cramp?


What a shame
The Croatian goalie has done his hamstring


Extra time and penalties didn’t do Sweden any favours, be careful what you wish for!


Watch all the players that don’t fancy taking a prn start to complain about injuries.

Russia still got bags of energy. If their country had had a history of doping at home events I’d be asking questions about their fitness about now.


That’s not going to go down well with the locals.


Good stuff. Now for one of the commies to get agricultural with Modric’s knee.


Vida booked for the foul and surely should have been booked for removing his shirt?


That’s what we just said.


As the Spanish would say La vida loca.


Didn’t one of the commentators say that Lovren was on a booking before this match? Or did I mishear that? If so he’s out of the semi-final.

Anyway, second period of extra time and Russia have to score. Everybody looks fucked, tiredness leads to bone-crunching fouls. I don’t think England could ask for much more.


I can’t remember a single Russian player staying down or feigning injury. Perhaps during the entire world cup.

That surely must be by instruction.


Get in


Russia miss the first Penalty .


Coatia score their first.


Russia score their second Penalty


Croatia miss…all even.


Russia miss.