:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy

:Ru: Russia vs. Croatia :Croatia: - @gavstar vs. @Rallyboy


Where are you…let’s be 'avin you!


I’m beer. Sorry here


Where are the lazy wanker admin who should be starting these threads. No doubt too bladdered to stand up. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Can’t speak for @saintbletch or @Goatboy but I’m “enjoying” an evening out with the family…


Teresa’s going to Moscow :joy:


Russia take the lead with a well taken shot. Quite an open game.


That was a brilliant goal.


1 - 1 this is going to be a high scoring game…both defences are so open.


Bad defending. 5 defenders and none of them doing anything about the 1 man in the box


I can’t speak for saintbletch because he’s bladdered.

Not really. @pap created the England one and I assumed he’d created the Russia Croatia one too.

A point of order. It is not illegal for non-mods to create threads.


Would like to see Russia win this as Croatia have the game to unlock any defence.

Fear they will win tough.


T’would be funny…wearing rubber gloves no doubt.


I really hope that slaven bilic snaps Gary Neville’s neck.


When you click a link on Twitter.And discover you actually have a Fan ID with FIFA.
And are put in the queue for SF tickets…



Oh. Extra time, penalties, some injuries and yellow cards please.


I’m hoping Lovren gives away a decisive penalty…it looks like it will happen if the Ruskies get more corners.


My wife says you’re mean. I think that’s an entirely readable desire.


I think I would like Croatia to win so that we get the pleasure of watching Kane turn him inside out for 90 minutes


Tell her years of bitter experience has made me unforgiving…Lovren cut me to the quick…I don’t heal quickly.