🏉 🌍 🏆 - Rugby World Cup 2023 - France 🇫🇷

So the egg chasers have their own world cup starting today, :engerland: don’t really have much hope they way they’ve been playing recently.

Was going to pin the topic but the final is on the 28th October, that’s like a 1½ months away!!

Who’s Going to Win the RWC 2924
  • :engerland: England
  • :scotland: Scotland
  • :wales: Wales
  • :ireland: Ireland
  • :fr: France
  • :australia: Australia
  • :new_zealand: New Zealnd
  • :it: Italy
  • :uruguay: Uruguay
  • :namibia: Namibia
  • :south_africa: South Africa
  • :tonga: Tonga
  • :romania: Romania
  • :fiji: Fiji
  • :georgia: Georgia
  • :portugal: Portugal
  • :japan: Japan
  • :argentina: Argentina
  • :samoa: Samoa
  • :chile: Chile

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England are 12/1 with France and New Zealand 11/4 Favourites

Is 12/1 good or bad? In my maths brain that means they would win the competition 1 time out of every 12 they play!!

Its not bad odds 325 beer tokens back for the 25 spent and if they turn up it’s not out of the realms of possibility’s

I would say 12/1 is shite odds for England - I would be wanting 20s and even then I wouldn’t waste my money

I have been thinking that the build up matches were to lead the opposition into a false sense of security and we are actually better than what we have seen lately.

Nope, I think England are actually shitter than we want the opposition to believe


Poll added to the OP

  • England vs Argentina (September 9, 8pm)
  • England vs Japan (September 17, 9pm)
  • England vs Chile (September 23, 4.45pm)
  • England vs Samoa (October 7, 2.45pm)

When you look at our group, there is only one game I can be certain we will win

I hope that game is Chile?

I was thinking that England would more likely hammer Argentina, get everyone’s hopes up, and then lose the next 3 :slight_smile:

Can we hammer France in the final at there place that would be the best possible result.

Beers - Rugby - Birds

In that order

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France owning Kiwis in the scrum
8-6 NZ 27 Mins gone

Did i mention ive been to an England WC game in France?
V Tonga Parc des Princes 2007.
Obv my trip 4 years earlier to watch them was better but i dont remember much more than dancing with Prince Harry on Sky News
I never saw it but my Mum was very proud of me apparently


France look organised and controlled
A dangerous combination.
1st ever group game loss for NZ

Italy actually winning a game for a change presently beating Namibia

England now out at 14/1