Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016


Should be unless the referees decide they have seen something wrong that they could disqualify them for.


First ever men’s doubles medal in the badminton too, bronze for the men’s pairs.


Fucker should have stopped and crossed the line holding his brother’s hand…


That argument is Soooo oooooooh 4 years ago

Awesome performance by the lads


Silver Brownlee seems happy enough, he must be getting used to it by now.


Fuck off, there can only be one Big Dog in the family and it is the right of the older brother to remind the younger brother of this fact at every possible opportunity. Be too soft on them and the little scroats will start taking all sorts of liberties. It would be anarchy.


I sense you may have some sibling issues that you need to discuss…


The BMX is carnage - I’ve never seen so many overgrown children hurt in one afternoon.


The media needs to give the young US swimmers a break - we’ve all made mistakes.

Which one of us can put hand on heart and honestly say we have never celebrated something by vandalising a garage toilet before being apprehended by armed security guards who forced us to pay for the damage which we pretended was a robbery but we got found out so we fled Brazil, leaving one of our mates in detention to explain the whole escapade?


I honestly thought that they had got rolled by some “Ladies of the night” and were trying to cover that up. which would have been more acceptable than vandalising some toilets at a petrol station. (which were probably bad enough before they did anything to them)



An alternative table for your delight and delectation


The older golden brother is not going to do the next Olympics so the younger dude will have a chance at gold next time.


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SO the chart on the right show that the Aussies have more also rans per capita than us.


They are a nation of Jonny Brownlees


Anyone else noticed that the majority of competitors in the 50km Walk are, um, err …well, there’s no polite way of saying it…they’re running.


Our guy got DQ’d for 3 warnings for bending his knee!! How do you walk without bending your knee??


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Think the Aussies may have shot themselves in the foot with this table. While it shows them just ahead of the UK on one table, NZ is well out in front on both counts which is much more troubling for your average kangaroo fucker.


Hockey final

GB 3-3 Netherlands 2:15 left… Heading for pens!



Sorry that was the most excited I have got this evening.

Womens GB hockey are gold medal winners!