Right lads I've calmed down

Right lads I've calmed down


But we’re still fucking gash and the Chinese are on an asset strip.




Of God? I’ve calmed down I promise.


Just self created speculation Baz. Silly to get so worked up about it.

Read some marcus Aurelius philosophy. It may help you. Seneca too.



Still no answers to the questions on the match thread.



Glad to hear you have calmed down.


I was revisiting some of Krugers comments about the club being so open in terms of communication . He boasted that Southampton Saints is so opens ‘we even talk to our families.’ I have no evidence they dont do this but would like some evidence we are not optimisically following a Coventry model of football club management


Just re-read Sir Les and his post MP appointment quotes.

Not sure he asks very good interview questions, or perhaps he just doesn’ listen to the answers…


I pretty much take Ralph, his position and his spin with a pinch of salt. Much like when you use the term optimistically H. :hugs:








I am really not sure what people expect the club to say. Apart from getting slagged off when they open their mouths anyway what are Krueger or Reed going to say that will placate the masses? How many CEOs or owners from other clubs regularly speak to the fans? Those that do are usually grade A twats who love the attention. I’d much rather that they sat down behind the scenes and spoke to each other and left the talking to Pellegrino. He is the one who has to sort out the mess on the pitch and I would rather hear his thoughts than the usual platitudes from those in the Boardroom. Kat Leibherr said nothing was going to change. What is Mr Gao going to say to follow that unless something does change. Yes, it would be nice to get a mission statement from the new owners, but maybe he is waiting to get a good idea about what he has and what he is going to do with it before opening his mouth? Running a football club is not like knocking out hundreds of widgets every day and he comes in with no previous experience. It would appear that there are two main priorities at the moment - sign a couple of quality players in January and sort out the mess on the pitch. Get that done and no one will give a stuff if senior management talk to us or not (other than Barry of course).


I think there is a validity in a genuine discussion about the impact of the chosen strategy on the field… after all we know it makes good financial sense, but it does effect how we go about ensuring whichever manager we have can build a side, not just constantly have to re-jigger the chess pieces.

However, what I can’t understand is why a) some seem to equate the fate of football as if they have just caught a nasty dose of the clap from their wife, b) that some think it’s a good ole laugh for a wind up post match when the emotions are maybe a bit artificially stressed…

its football and NO it’s not as important as life or death, in fact it’s not even close


Why did ‘senior managment’ make a overt point about being open with supporters of the club if they wernt going to be?

Why do the Lieberr’s think given how they say they love the club think it is OK to take £150m profit into their own bank accounts. That would be fine if they were the owners of a widget factory. That is ware we disagree. I think they are acting exactly like owners of a private company. As supporters we should be bringing them to account and demand a higher standard - one fitting a football club

I dont believe they should get a free pass otherwise they will carry on believing theit own myths


Oh yeah, I’d forgotten his Heisenberg incarnation.


You’re quite right. That dose I caught from your wife was even worse than last Wednesday’s debacle, and that’s saying something.


That’s why I don’t sleep with her, just your sister


How do we know that they have now decided not to be “open.” What exactly are they not being open about? Do you expect an announcement from them after every football match? That is the managers job isn’t it? We last heard from Ms Leibherr when she had something to announce. Apparently nothing has changed since then so what do you want them to say? Also Southampton FC is not a charity. It is a business. There are very few people rich enough to throw money at a club and not expect anything back. I don’t think the club have a free pass. If and when we enter into a full on relegation battle I expect someone will say something ( which you will probably take issue with). At the moment we are a mid table club sitting in mid table with a new manager with barely half a season under his belt. You will probably disagree but I can understand why there is no great need from the Board to come out and make announcements right now. And if they did what could they possibly say that will placate you, Barry and the multitude of bed wetter over on Fiverweb?


If you said to me in 2009 someone will dig us out of the shit, keep us in existence and then propel us to the premier league, but the caveat after a few years is that they want £150m (when the club is more financially stable than ever) I would have said ‘fucking too right, make it a nice round £200m in fact and thanks very much’. Have you forgotten how deep we were? We were on our backs in the sun with no way of flipping over, noone was interested. Then Marcus came along and got us not only flipped over but fucking running. £150m is a fucking bargain for where we are compared to where we were. If that number is even accurate.