:saints: :pl: Relegation Run-In 2020/21

So, there’s some understandable consternation about Saints chances of avoiding the drop this season, so I have listed the remaining fixtures for those currently in contention for the relegation place


Leicester H
Liverpool A
Fulham H
Leeds H
West Ham A
Crystal Palace H (TBA)


West Ham H
Fulham A
Leeds H
Liverpool H
Sheff Utd A


Arsenal H
Leicester A
Man City H
Sheff Utd H
Fulham A


Leeds H
Wolves A
West Ham H
Man City H
Arsenal A


Chelsea A
Burnley H
Southampton A
Man United A
Newcastle United H

West Brom

Wolves H
Arsenal A
Liverpool H
West Ham H
Leeds A

So, with these in mind where do you think we will finish, I’ll predict what I think the points for each team will be, will be interesting to see what you others think

  • 19th
  • 18th
  • 17th
  • 16th
  • 15th
  • 14th or above

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Saints :- D,L,W,D,L,W = 8pt - 44pts
Burnley :- L,W,L,L,W = 6pts - 42pts
Newcastle :- L,L,L,W,W = 6pts - 42pts
Brighton :- L,W,L,L,L = 3pts - 37pts
Fulham :- L,L,L,L,L = 0pts - 27pts
West Brom :- D,L,L,L,D = 2pts - 27pts

We’ve got the worst form of that lot by a country mile. It’s a pessimistic 17th from me Bob.


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I think that, over the last 5 games, Fulham hold that distinction

Point well made - I must admit I was just looking at Brighton and above as I think the bottom 3 will be the bottom 3 (hopefully ?)

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Worrying. Only tough games form them are Leeds & Wet Spam they could easily win 4 of them :roll_eyes:

Can’t be bothered to plough through the permutations, so I’ll just say that I can see at least 4 defeats for us there. Think we’ll either get two draws, or a draw and a win.

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LCFC home. Live on TV. Ina Friday night.

Saints pulling out of social media all weekend.

Well that’s the first part of my predictions correct…


Well, that’s my predictions doing a Meatloaf then…

You can close the thread, we’re safe now. :+1::+1::grin:

Mathematically we’re not…

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Realistically, we are.

Yeah all the other teams fans said that during our Great Escapes


Don’t fret. If they look like catching us up I’ll go for a lucky piss while you spark up a Players non-filter. Sorted :+1::+1::grin:


Well, I didn’t watch last night and we got a point.

If I do the same for all the remaining games we’ll be safe :roll_eyes::grinning:


Then could I politely suggest you fuck off? :lou_lol:


So, after this weekend, how are we all feeling now?

BTW, this is what I predicted, 5 out of 6, not bad eh?

Saints :- D
Burnley :- L
Newcastle :- L
Brighton :- L
Fulham :- L
West Brom :- D

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Safe as arses.

A draw v Leeds and a loss to West Ham to come, I called it…