Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2


Looking forward to this…


Can not wait, RDR is the best game I’ve played or it probably is.


Which is it Barry? It is either the best game you have played or it is probably the best game you have played. It cant be both. One is certain and one leaves a certain amount of doubt.


Well you have Skyrim, Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes, GTA V, Modern Warfare 2 and many others, its like choosing to whether you’re a whopper or a bell.


Which one’s Barry and which one’s SOG? :lou_lol: :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Put it in my face now please.


Just got and immediately spunked a £100 Amazon voucher from work on Spiderman and RDR2 :money_with_wings::tada::sweat_drops:


It looks very very nice.

Never got around to finishing the first one. Time poor, init.


Seems amazing, can not wait for this, the exploration should be unparalleled.


Good evening Barry.


Good Evening.


Wrong thread @Barry-Sanchez

Hoik yourself over to the match day thread

It’s like last season never ended. You’ll like it



What’s up with @Barry-Sanchez? He’s rarely here and when he is he’s posting on a computer game thread. Something is going on. Nothing about Boris and Burqa? Nothing about Shitty Saints? It’s most as if someone has killed him and is now playing at being him in order to make everything seem normal. But they don’t know what the real Barry is like on this forum. I’m calling the police.