Red-and-White Stripes vs. Black-and-White Stripes

I am so PUMPED for this game! I cannot WAIT!

I hope and expect it will be as entertaining as the recent England internationals.

Anyone else getting a bit bored of it all recently? Not me! I cannot contain myself.

Expect us to lose 0-1, and for me to start yet another match thread next week.


Tough one.

Birthday party @Barasti on Friday - can I afford two trips in one weekend? Will I burn a hole in my Sofia Budget?

No doubt our gallant boys are being over-coached in their sleep yet again and will walk out ready to go


Tbh I’m kinda waiting for AI to become mainstream in 2049 won’t notice any difference in how our lads play when they are Replicants.

1-0 to the blackstripes

Oh but of course we will learn lessons, we will have valuable take aways and we will go away and work harder.

And have MORE coaching (programming) done so we can mess up my borthday party Saturday week by losing to WBA as well while watching from JJ Murphys Irish Bar in Sofia.

And I am not being cynical, seems others have noticed this Over-coached bollocks as well and how it applies to the England Team.

Our Academy System in England must have been inspired by videos of Sideways Jim Magilton

We’re so fooked, 0-3 to the Barcodes

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I have a Magpie at work he has gone 0-2 to them and I will be having 2-1 to Southampton FC

It will also cost me 50 MYR if we lose.

Shane long is out of the Ireland game with a hip injury. He’s been sent back to Southampton for assessment.

Everyone on here has assessed him already, it wasn’t good…


Bert Rand didn’t play yesterday because of a minor back injury…


Last of the big spenders…

I refuse to take off this mask of blind optimism until November.

2-1 Saints.

The rebirth continues.


1-0 Saints, Rob Elliot OG in 2nd minute.

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As it’s on the telly box I’m going for a goal fest (it’s a Sky contractual requirement)

3:2 win for us

Now just need to find someone by Sunday who can hit a barn door with the proverbial banjo.

2-0 Saints, two Le Tiss specials.

Back 3 Bert crocked surely McQueen is the better choice at wing back than Targett?

We usually win this fixture 4-0.

So with that in mind I’m going for 0-0.

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Newcastle are always a soft touch, when you are looking for a win after a rough patch 2-0

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Explain please Gav, because there is no way we can move the ball all the way to their 18 yard box in 2 minutes?


Can only be Newcastle kick off, pass it around, then back to keeper, bobble, in the net!


Money is relative that is the equivelant of 5 Guinesses so about 19.5 of your Engleeesh pounds.

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