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So, that belated Cowshed review. It was an ace night, whereupon @unionhotel insisted rather fiercely on footing the bill. I think its the first time I’ve not felt like a parent at a restaurant for 20 years.

Best steak I’ve had outside the US. Lovely cosy atmosphere, still half full on a Tuesday. All the sides were decent and complemented the menu well. The staff didn’t show any obvious sneering or pity when I asked for a medium (they recommend nearly everything medium rare, which is normally a good thing).

It’s at the top of Seel St, if you’re ever in Liverpool. Always do the sensible thing and check recent reviews on TripAdvisor tho’.

So my impromptu Thursday night out in Soho with old mates was lovely. My old flat mate is a bit of a foodie. She took us to Freak Scene. Their website describes it as curious Asian plates. It’s in an old tapas place so you sit around the bar and share plates. I had the veggie plates and god it was some of the best food I’ve ever had. Everyone raved about the meat dishes for you carnivores. Defo book ahead place but well worth it. Not ridiculously expensive given the head chef used to work at Nobu and the food was exceptional.


Just been to the Mango Thai restaurant near Ocean Village.

I was really impressed with the food and I also like the tapas approach of small plates to share.

They also have an enormous bar area downstairs where they have themed nights. Open mic comedy, jam sessions, themed discos, etc.

Nice vibe.

Went to Max’s Italian restaurant in Oxford Street last night. Simple italian food done pretty well. Good service and yummy wine. I recommend. Went to Heartbreakers for a drink after and discovered the best rum old fashioned in town. Made perfectly with Diplomatico Reserva. Just gotta check bank statement now to see how much I spent :pleading_face:


Went to Ye Olde George in East Meon yesterday evening to celebrate my seventh wedding anniversary. Lovely pub, excellent food. Would recommend it very highly.


The pub or the 7 years?

Only joking. I know the pub all too well.

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My local Italian has just been closed down for owing £30,000 electric bill, I’m staggered as it was always busy and its sister one in Chester equally so, best pint of peroni I’ve had, gutted.

Any way you look at it, that’s a staggering electricity bill. Did they have a special chair in the basement or something?

I can only presume they weren’t given the bill for a while, went to court to try and keep the place open but we’re evicted by landlord.

Or a special farm in the attic.


Could have gone the same way as Alcatraz in Bournemouth :-

Day two kofta. Better than day one kofta.

I have been twice this week to a local indian called 29029 which bills itself as Conmtemporary Indian and Nepalese Cuisine. You can see where they got their name from…

Slightly pricey but the food was delcious. There’s also one in Sandford on the way to Wareham, well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

To be honest day two kofta resembles something that emerged from my bottom at 9-o clock this morning.

It is not Screwdriver as its fresh lemon, Vodka and Galliano. @Polski_Filip will know if it has a name but it is bloody lovely.

That it does, and it’ll be coming out of my arse in about fifteen minutes. Still, it is nice to give the digestive system a bit less work to do.

Doesn’t have to turn it brown.

Anyone been here in Above Bar…any good? Belgium & Blues

Nope but sure the food will be better than when it was Goblets. I spent way too much time there.

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I just cooked a piece of beef as per previous discussions for 24 hours at about 80c put some seasoning on the outside and covered in tin foil.
It was absolutely bloody lovely. I had people coming in whilst cooking it it will be overcooked ect. It was not just a nice piece of tender beef with lots of flavour

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