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Went to Enoteca with Mrs G last night. It’s an ‘Italian tapas’ restaurant in Bedford Place.

The lamb cutlets were the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time (and I am a gluttonous bastard). Chunky, tender tasty beauties. I could eat them everyday. The lentils with Italian susage were yummy too and Mrs G particularly enjoyed the beef skirt with salsa verde. We also had spicy arancini, a meat and cheese tasting platter, some filo parcel thing with ricotta and some offally good pate. We are pigs.

Nice bottle of Primitivo too.

Not cheap but everything was excellent and the service was spot on.



Was in Picolo Mondo yesterday. Best Lasagne in town.


GB and his wife gorging on meat and bad cuts of beef. Like a couple of starving dogs.


Sorry that was too much :slight_frown:


Mango in Portswood do a really good spicy softshell crab dish with apple and mango salad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am drooling reading that…


Bella Calabria.

Yay I went to a Southampton Restaurant!

For the scouse game on a Sunday - they offered a Roast Lunch Deal, I had the Lamb and a couple of London Pride Bottles

Portion was huge, tasty and if I recall under 10 quid. Was a big surprise to all 3 of us and we enjoyed.

My two Besties Nick & Paul. We had no plans we simply needed food and were down the “wrong end of town” and the chippy was shut. So we were well pleased at the price.

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A gravy laden Sunday lunch wearing a white bib is an accident just waiting to happen. Any end of lunch pictures available? :lou_wink_2:


Strangely no LITSL.

The post scoff pics focused on Snow and dancing Chinese Dragons and an oompah band for some reason.

And this one


Why can’t I see any of the photos that DP posts ? I know I’m on the “let’s fuck him off in the transfer window to Discourse” but I’m begin beginning to get a complex … :worried:


Not just you - I can’t see them either.

Now I’m getting paranoid too


Me neither.


Saw them on a pc, not on an ipad


Which is why we need to go to Discourse (is what Bletch will say when he wakes up).

I don’t do the link copy stuff. You would all moan that it links to that evil entity known as Facebook or my Google Drive.

I was a bit late to Instagram and have only posted a few things there, so I do that old Intel/Microsoft trick of Copy Image - Paste.

Don’t worry, I can’t see many of your Appley based pics either :slight_smile:


We are going to Cowshed in Liverpool tonight.

Fucking @unionhotel has done it again. I can’t help thinking that my public pronouncements of him being like the wardrobe lurker in the Pink Panther movies have just made things worse.

The restaurant thing is the tip of the iceberg. He almost moved to the Liverpool area without my knowledge. He’s still moving here. I found out about it at St Marys, at half time, from my Uncle Rog.

You can blame him for defusing your “jumping out of a wardrobe nuke”, father.

I will post a review later.


Last weekend we went to a couple of v.good restaurants in Bath.

First up Sotto Sotto, a small Italian place tucked away under the road near The Avon. I had king prawns with chilli on Tuscan bread, rack of lamb with pistachio crust and primitivo sauce then a delicious home made cheesecake for dessert.

Mrs G plumped for cod fillet with pizzaiola sauce, confit duck with caramelized apples and valpolicella sauce then dark chocolate pannacotta with berries.

All washed down with an excellent rioja.

Cracking food and top notch service. Couldn’t fault any of it.

Next up we went to Opa (as recommended by Fowllyd) a greek place a couple of doors down from Sotto Sotto. This is a big restaurant with a few tables on the towpath but mostly in the beautiful tunnels.

For lunch we settled for the meat meze which included way too much food in which we happily put a sizeable dent.

Spicy sausage with peppers, meatballs in tomato sauce, saganaki, tzatziki, lamb chops, stuffed aubergine, chicken skewers, slow cooked pork. And other stuff!

All delicious. We may have had a few too many cocktails in both these places too.


Sweet shop between platforms 7&8 under Waterloo. Kit Kat followed by a dark chocolate Bounty.

Best meal ever after a 5 pint no food lunch with client.

You know what Friday thread to find me on if you need me…



Went to Cao Argentine restaurant for lunch today in very pleasant surroundings…West Quay 2. Don’t listen to naysayers about the locale…it melds ancient and modern very successfully.

We went for the Lunchtime Special 2 courses for £12.95. Starter: CORIANDER CHICKEN COXINHAS. Main: RUMP STEAK (250gm extra £3) Washed down with a Punk IPA

Excellent rare rump steak with sweet potato chips and Rocket salad. Burgers can be had cooked medium or well done.

Would be nice to hear some quality Tango music but had to make do with latin disco…made a request for some Astor Piazzolla but the waiter looked puzzled.

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Was so tempted to try and find time to try that after your review.

Then you let us know they played Despafuckingcito and it’s derivatives.

I’m out

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Don’t worry Phil they play it for background wallpaper. You will be totally distracted drowning in bloody Argentine Beef…not a euphanism for a Gaucho who swings to the left. :lou_wink_2: