⚽ 🎶 Racism in Football

I’ve been reading Danny Rose’s comments on the BBC about the appalling crowd behaviour in Montenegro, and felt a great deal of sympathy for him. Until I read this…

“Obviously it is sad that I had to prepare for that, but when countries only get fined what I probably spend on a night out in London then what do you expect?”

Spoilt little shit. I fucking hate footballers.


He also said he is fed up with football.
Great just stop playing and give your spot in the England team to a better player.


You’d think the depressive twat would be over the moon about spurs shiny new stadium, wouldn’t you. It’s almost as if he feels no affinity to the club he plays for… :thinking:

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Danny Rose is one of the biggest diving cheats in the Premier League. I couldn’t give a fuck about the colour of his skin. He’s a cunt.


I just don’t get why people think that they can go on social media and insult people and think it’s OK. What sort of mindset do they have?

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If only the education system taught the right things rather than aimed to hit targets…

I still dont understand going on social media and abusing anybody?

Why would you do that?

Baz on here because he deserves it and we can but normal social media Why?

Meh me no understandee

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Yes indeed. A family member got terrible racist abuse when starting uni, all done on Facebook.
Now you’d think people at uni would have enough intelligence to know that there would be a record of it all, but no, the dumb cunts continued, got reported to the uni, who promptly involved the police. Expulsions and criminal records followed.
The racist gene is a very stupid gene :lou_facepalm_2:

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@jeremycorbyn: We’ll scrap SATs for 7 and 11 year olds. #NEU19 https://t.co/8KZERME7uR


Nope, never knew that was being said today, no siree, not me.
I’d never look to subtly ride a Jezza wave


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Applaud the idea but don’t think a day is enough but then why should players have to avoid social media just because of a minority of idiots

Professional footballers to boycott social media for 24 hours in racism protest -

They’ll just go and play Minecraft, or whatever the young modern footballer plays these days…

Can you explain your comment?

The upside is that for those 24 hours, the average IQ on social media will suddenly skyrocket. :+1::+1::+1::+1: It’s a win/win.


I must admit I am truly perplexed as to why this is such a fucking sacrifice… who gives a fuck that someone has boycotted social media? In the past, people protested against racism by making real sacrifices and stood against social injustice by risking their own safety and freedom… is missing a bunch of overpaid footballers on social media for 24 hours really going to make a difference… jeez. The way to combat racism in football is an attitude of zero tolerance - ban the fuckers for life…


You are of course taking the piss?

How many times have you been asked to explain a post or even translate it into English that all could understand only to ignore the poster?

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What was your assertion? Why was involved in this? Have a word, and explain what you meant there please.

I dunno what the answers are, social media is probably a good deal more important to the generation below me than it is to me, so maybe this can be more effective than we imagine. I’m not going to start criticising people who do take any kind of stand though, particularly given the limits on their options. If they leave the pitch or boycott then it’s themselves who get fined/their teams who get docked points.

Also a bit concerned about the OP and first few posts hinting that Danny Rose’s complaints about racism would somehow be more valid if he got paid less or was better at football. We can separate those things out and agree that racism is definitely bad, can’t we? We don’t have to qualify it.


As I understand it its ok to take the piss out of me?

You can see how this thread is emphatically not about you though, yeah?

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