🚭 👍 👎 Proposed Smoking Ban

This smoking ban - good thing / bad thing? Conservative / unconservative?

IMO a good thing - I used to smoke and had I not had easy convenient access to them, then I probably never would have.

i am willing to bet though that the law of unintended consequences means more people move from weed to the marching powder

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Thought it deserved a thread of its own, maybe not…

it would be fucking funny if they now legalised cannabis and you had nothing to smoke it with

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I get really upset when I see kids smoking because we all know the harm it does and they know yet they carry on doing it.

Maybe this will stop them smoking but I doubt it. The parents will give them cigarettes to sell, there’ll be a thriving black market for them.

They can still buy cigarettes abroad and bring them back in.

I guess it’s like weed, you’re not really allowed to sell weed/dope but it still gets sold and kids still get hold of it. In fact it seems to be more prevalent these days than I remember from when I was a kid (mind you I never really took notice of much when I was younger).

The big factor is “where will this stop”, will alcohol be next? Will something else the health professionals deem unsavoury be banned??

You don’t really need tobacco to smoke weed, a bong or pipe will do…

How would you know this?


There really is nothing positive about smoking and the health risks are well-established. I’m glad I never tried it as I’m strongly attached to my bad habits. I’m in favour of the ban but recognise the risks of the black market.

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If they consider banning booze then i will start selling home brew and distilling kits

It wont work.
Heavy snokers i (still) know in ZUK very rarely buy from regular licenced sources.

Always someone at a car boot sale as they used to say.
Glad i stopped but still get cravings in the evening (for tobacco @scotty ffs)


I stopped drinking over seven years ago, and I still salivate at the thought of a cold pint on a hot summer’s afternoon.


It is a strange one. I was a smoker, of roll ups like yourself, I also enjoyed a regular jazz woodbine, If I’m honest few days went by without me having a spliff or two. I vowed to stop smoking nearly eighteen months ago when I came out of hospital after my bout of pneumonia. I haven’t had a smoke of anything since that day, and at the risk of sounding smug I can honestly say that I haven’t had any cravings at all, never even think about it, even when I’m out for a beer which people tell me is when cravings are strongest. Giving it up has been the easiest thing in the world, If I’d known how easy it was going to be I would have done it years ago.


Lady Slowlane was the same, 40 years ago she gave up a 40 a day habit and has never smoked another ciggie, no problem.

You really have to want to - that is the key

i gave up smoking about 17 times usually on the back of the Ayatollah nagging me and every time I failed it was because I didn’t really want to quit. Then one day I woke up with my customary hacking cough and decided that was that

No cravings beyond the first week or so -

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I just decided that I didn’t want to smoke anymore and stopped. Errrm, that’s it.

I never started because I couldn’t afford beer girls and smoking so the smoking never got started.