❓ 🤷‍♂️ Prince Philip?

I’ve heard he has passed. Anyone know on here?

Wind, Water, Kidney stone?

It is true.

I done him in.

I’ve met him.

Can’t say too much but people have all been called in, tomorrow.

That’s lovely.

I’m going for a meal for the mother in law’s birthday tomorrow so won’t be able to attend.

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why cant you say too much?
Who is it going to affect 300 people on an internet football forum ?
what do you know if anything at all?

Did he give you the Andrew treatment?

Because it’s not public. I shouldn’t have said anything, this wasn’t me, I wasn’t here.

Just texted the Queen, to see what she knows.

Here’s her reply

Fark Orrff and leave one alone

I guess she’s had a hard week. Husband dead and wishes her son was. Poor bitch.


Here’s one for you bells always moaning about me, I post and it’s reaction time like that Canadian bloke roger ferris I think on steroids.

Now he’s dead, the truth can come out. I certainly heard, from a few sources, that Philip had a black woman that he kept as a sex slave. The Queen wasn’t ever happy about it, mainly because of the blackness.


How’d you.know it wasn’t like that whilst you.were, um, not, I’m, what’s the opposite of sulking?


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Barry, if you have just revealed that there is one less racist pedophile in the world, that’s potentially the best news you’ve ever given us(children aside).
Thanks, you’ve cheered me up no end👍

There were rumours about something not good earlier in the week.

its public now because you said so what is the info?

Barry is HRHITK.

He’s dead