Prepare your liver! Pool party!


OK, so it’s a Friday evening game. Who’s up for a beer or two, or three, or what the fuck ever? I may well be taking the train and not driving, which frees me up for more consumption than usual.

Any takers? Venue?


I’ll crack a coldie for you guys down under. May be 4:30am but hey, gotta do your bit!


I’ll be there for pre match beers. Wherever you decide, but i’ll probably need to eat, so somewhere that does food if possible and if there’s more choice than pizza, we’ll definitely win :joy:


I’m up for a few. Any where’s good for me.


Stupidly, I’m out with the girls from work - and not in a sports pub. Think my mobile data might take a caning.

So, head back to Eastleigh after the match and, win, lose or draw I’m sure the girls will give you a happy ending.


I’m definitely up for beers but mine will be in Carrotland. I shall raise a glass or 8 to y’all during my continued SMS abstinence. Strangely excited for this one … COYR


When you say “the girls” would this actually be you in a wig and lipstick? If so I’ll be there.


Yep, I’m letting “Danielle” go out on Friday.

You’ll spot him her easily.

She’s 6 foot 7 in heels and has a wonderful shock of grey hair - on her ample chest.


Sadly missing this one, but will raise one or three to you all in the bar :beers:


OK, so how about 5:30pm in the Rockstone? Bigger variety of food than pizzas, easy to get to from the station, and we all know it.


I might not get there that early but Rockstone is good for me.

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Venue and time sounds perfect.
Just down tp Ralph to arrange a suitable result :blush:


Excellent! My train gets in at 5:19, so I’ll get to the pub a little after 5:30, but not a lot.


I’m aiming for a similar time, as long as work throws up no surpriss :astonished:


Great to down a few beers with @Saint-or-sinner and @Goatboy, but the highlight of the pre-match drinks was unquestionably an appearance by the Colonel himself. It was a great honour, sir, truly it was.


Colonel ?

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Someone brought along a KFC bargain bucket maybe?

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You’re closer than you think.


Colonels and erstwhile actor maybe?


Nope, still not getting it.