Posters who have been given an opportunity to spend more time with their family

This thread is for users that have been moved to guest status for a while.

This should be viewed as an opportunity to cool down and reflect and not, necessarily, public censure.

Chertsey Saint has been moved to guest status for, hopefully, a short while due to some posting content in the Social Integration thread.

Maybe for transparency it could be explained to why he has been temporarily suspended.

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Shush Barry, people can look on the thread in question if they’re that interested.

Hahaha twisting the knife B? I’m sure it’s all in his dossier:

21:15: Chertsey brings a paedophile to a sex fight.

No, I don’t think it would help matters to do that on this thread, but I have added a post to the thread in question.

But I certainly wouldn’t want people to conclude that there was certain content that would get you ‘guested’, or to create the impression that one poster was ‘right’ and, by implication, another ‘wrong’.

The circumstances around any decision like this will not boil down to a grouping of words and letters typed into a forum.

It will be more to do with simply allowing someone some time to pause for breath and to reflect.

No need and I wouldn’t do that, I have at least a tiny bit of class, he isn’t here to answer so not fair.


So if you are moved to guest status can you still post here?

Does the fact I can post here mean I have been downgraded?

Isn’t Lou now just a guest?

yeah add Lou to the list. That wasn’t cos she called anyone a paedophile tho AFAIK, pap guested Lou because he suspected she might be a forum terrorist, capable of dropping a dirty deletion bomb and mass down-voting across the frm. I think frbl is same circumstance.

I can see the merits in giving Cherts some time to cool down and regroup, but having read some of the stuff from last night just now, wouldnt it be right to also put Barry into the cooler as well? I havent read it all, but from what I have read he is just as much in need of some time out IMHO.


Originally posted by @saintbletch

due to some posting content in the Social Integration thread.

omg there’s a lot of chatter on pm that the really objectionable material was when Sarb implied that stevegrant was a better frm developer than pap! I’ve checked, and the timing seems to back this up! Omg! This conspiracy goes right to the Top!


You can get booked for waving imaginary cards at the ref :lou_wink_2:


Nothing imaginary about this card GB!!

Straight red.

Originally posted by @Rallyboy

Straight red.


Yeah, I got “guested”, Bearsy. All I did was say hi to Furball! It hurt my feelings a lot at the time, but now I feel proud. Nice try at controversy Cherts, but you’ll never be the first.

Happy Christmas all!


Straight pink.

omg it’s all coming out now, this year pap has:

  1. Ban frbl for denying his wife got fingered by Jeremy Corbyn

  2. Ban tokyos for agreeing with bearsy

  3. Ban chertsey for suggesting stevegrant was better frm developer than pap

  4. Ban lou for saying hi to frbl

Pap is gone Power Mad!


You’ve done it now Bearsy

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