🔮 :brexit: Post-Brexit prediction thread

Ok, I know there’s an old thread on this. However, now that it’s actually happened, here’s a chance for all the Remainers on here to predict the outcome of our folly, and how will it affect us directly.

1/ What percentage of jobs will be lost?

2/ How far will interest rates have to rise?

3/ How will prices of staples (food, energy, services) be affected?

4/ What will change in the NHS as a direct result of Brexit?

5/ How badly will travel to and from the continent be curtailed?

6/ Give a rough figure for your anticipated decrease in GDP.

Personally, I reckon the answer to all of the above is “not much, if at all” but as there is a hardcore of doom-mongers, get it down in writing on here and in a year or two when we’re all on the breadline in the style of cold war Russia, you can bump this thread and say “I told you so.” Assuming of course that any of us still have computers in the post-brexit wastelands.

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1/ What percentage of jobs will be lost? Non unemployment will go down

2/ How far will interest rates have to rise? they will fall to negative

3/ How will prices of staples (food, energy, services) be affected? prices will remain steady as per the inflation rate

4/ What will change in the NHS as a direct result of Brexit? Nothing everybody will still moan it is underfunded and used by tourists

5/ How badly will travel to and from the continent be curtailed? absolutely zero effect.

6/ Give a rough figure for your anticipated decrease in GDP. will rise by about 1.5% a year

Chrystal ball time? Well for the next 11 months we are thankfully likely to see little change during the transition period… the real impact will start to be seen as the discussions on any potential trade deal progress… or not. From the shit spouted already by That cunt Boris, it’s not a sign of someone looking to get a deal… he will be happy with no deal… as he does not give a shit about the ignorant cunts that voted for him…

As to the questions …

But hey, we got to wave flags like we had won a war… which is after all a favourite British pastime…

Tne problem that all those flag waving morons fail you grasp (or maybe they really don’t give a shit?) is that for all their delusion that this was about regaining democracy, they practical realities will be hitting the poor most of all… but then again we seem to be a right wing country now so who gives flying fuck …

Going to make my predictions a lot more generic, if that is okay.

I predict that for the majority of the next 11 months, the EU is going to fuck us about, putting down red lines and saying that they’re impossible to remove.

In the last couple of months we’ll all finally discover that, quelle surprise, those things weren’t actually impossible after all.

Er so what have the British Government been doing these last 3 years, … . and what about Boris’ proclamations of late? He wants to do the fucking to keep his hardline right wingers happy…

The EU dont need to fuck us Pap, we did that to ourselves the day of the referendumdum (sic)

More screaming rhetoric without substantiation?

I reckon we’ve solved Britain’s energy problems.

How’s about doing what you doing now, except shouting it into a bag with a turbine at the end of it?

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The EU will implode.
You cannot force people to integrate / change. They have to be led.


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Sorry, it won’t implode, it will evolve - as all these things do, slowly yes, but it will do to ensure its own survival - too many big countries have so much invested in it… and new countries are still applying to join.

There is no ‘forcing people to integrate’ - but there are plenty of right wingers in many countries who try and spread such stuff to undermine it… They hate the idea of integration as it goes against their warped ideas of national purity…

Its why whatever democratic failings or institutional issues there are, many are disillusioned by our exit… it reinforces many of those nationalist ideals, the superiority of Britishness…

This is the point of the thread, tbh. I want to hear what our pro-remain contingent think is going to actually happen as a consequence of brexit, and to try and quantify those consequences. Because all I’ve heard since the referendum is loud shouting about what a disaster it will be, without a mention of the details we should be concerned about.

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Well that’s a pretty universal conceit among Remainers, especially the politicians.

They either refer to a cliff edge Brexit without qualification, or pull some factoid from some worst-case scenario document somewhere.

The same people have told us time and time again that we’d be fucked if we didn’t join the common market, fucked if we didn’t join the Eurozone, fucked immediately after the vote, even more fucked once Brexit happened, even more fucked if it’s a no-deal Brexit.

Erm. Why?

Look out! Cliff-edge!

I’d disagree, especially if you look at integration as a wider concept than mere immigration.

We were forced to integrate a great deal of policy without the public having a say in any of it, except for the two referendums.

Besides, it’s all a little bit different in countries that have recently regained their nation from Soviet control. That is one of the biggest problems the EU faces, and it can’t really acknowledge it until it faces it.

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What were Remainers saying about Nissan again?

Wack wack oops.

Not a great deal of certainty in that article. And it is the Guardian :wink:

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my prediction is that I am going to get even more sick of threads and pointless internet comments on sodding Brexit (including this one here).

definitely the leavers will say it’s still EUs fault and the remainers will say otherwise and it will go on for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever until some dumb president blows us all up (hopefully soon) or the world combusts due to global warming. Or we start fighting over water and destroy each other.


That’s what I like to see, a golden ray of optimism in a wasteland of cynics. :+1::+1::wink:

call me Eeyore.


Without being rude, you can only get ‘sick’ of them if you are reading them and not enjoying them… not sure there is a three-line whip forcing anyone to read anything on this forum? As they used to ask Mary Whitehouse, if it’s not a thread for you, why view it?

The arguments are still just as valid for many people, no matter how repetitive they may be, and IF as Pap says we now live in a NEW democracy, hard fought and free of the shackles of EU ‘tyranny’ then expressing opinion on a web forum is surely still allowed?

This week.
Debate on the internet is still allowed THIS week…

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If we’d stayed in, sooner or later the germans would have banned it. :thinking::grin:

Macron beat them to it