Politician accused of being part of 'VIP paedophile' ring

"A woman has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to allege that a well-known politician was part of a VIP paedophile ring that sexually abused children in the Staffordshire countryside in the 1980s and 90s.

Esther Baker, 32, said the politician was in a group whose influential members routinely abused young girls in Cannock Chase as uniformed police officers stood guard."

pretty grim reading, if true.


In a sense, this is encouraging, because as the article points out, Ms Baker simply wouldn’t have been believed before the Savile revelations broke. On the other hand though, you’ve got the likes of Lord Janner wanted for questioning in relation to a string of offences, being declared too senile to face justice. This is despite the fact that he was considered well enough to operate on government committees post-diagnosis.

I’ve remarked before, but the truly sickening thing about establishment abuse in particular is that the very institutions designed to protect children; family courts, the state care system and the police - appear to have been used to harm them in an industrial, systemic way.

who is the VIPae?

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who is the VIPae?

Not been named yet, but according to the article, still an active part of the political establishment. For the purposes of avoiding libel, etc, let’s not have any speculation on the name until confirmed.

ok pap sorry pap if i meet any mps tho i will punch them in the nuts, just to be on the safe side.

I think they’ll happily pay for that service Bear.


The Guardian is reporting that Lord Janner will now face charges in court for historical child sex offences.


Good news
I signed an online petition to get him brought to justice. Don’t know if it helped but there should be no hiding place.

Me too. Hopefully he’ll spill the beans on a few more.

This ExaroNews article is pretty interesting. Apparently, the CPS had already tried to build cases against Janner in 1991 and 2007.

I knew you couldn’t trust Plymouth-ites.

This is less encouraging. Roger Cook, erstwhile of the Cook Report, has been called as a witness in the trial of Ben Fellows, who is up for perverting the course of justice. He is being prosecuted because he made an allegation against Kenneth Clarke, then chancellor and still around Cameron’s government.

Well worth keeping an eye on the outcome on this trial.

More disturbing news out of Dolphin Square. This time the allegations concern a ‘senior’ MP still in the Commons.

Dolphin Square really is a strange place (and vast - I don’t know of a bigger apartment complex in central London). During the sixties and seventies it was, among other things, the London home of KGB staff.

Australia’s 60 minutes makes a special on UK paedophiles.

Haven’t watched it myself yet. Will share some views when I have.

I watched the first segment. I don’t think I can watch any more.

I watched all of it. It actually gets worse, particularly when they are grilling one of the former PIE members. Zac Goldsmith was interviewed as part of it; he’s one of the MPs trying to cast light on this, along with Tom Watson, who originally brought the matter to Parliament. Not an easy watch at all, but something the nation must face.

Yep I watched it all
I don’t quite know what to say. Tom O’Carroll of the PIE is the one who sits and tries to justify the unjustifiable. I think everyone should memorise his name
a sick sick man.

A full, no place is sacred, no name beyond reproach investigation must be sanctioned


Can’t disagree with that, and nor would the vast, vast majority of the British public.


Blair government was briefed about police paedophile probe involving Labour minister BEFORE it was halted

Tony Blair’s government was briefed about a paedophile investigation in which a minister was a suspect before it was halted, previously secret documents reveal. Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption command are investigating claims that evidence the minister was part of a paedophile ring in Lambeth, South London, in the 1980s was covered up.

It appears that Frank Dobson and Paul Boateng are implicated in the ‘cover up’. Both denied being briefed about the investigation (or not recalling being briefed about the investigation), but are now confronted with ‘evidence’ that suggests they were informed.

The Ps© mentioned is Boateng and the SoS is Dobson.

Questions to answer at least.


I must admit that I haven’t read the whole thread, but as an aside
the police do seem to be rather quick on their feet to prosecute easy targets like popstars of the 70’s and old tv presenters, but rather seem to be dragging their feet somewhat over the political elite
or am I wrong?