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Truth and Movies - James Richardson

Quickly Kevin - Josh Widdicombe

I realise Josh is a bit of a marmite character but this podcast is excellent for 90s football stories and interviews. Start with the Le tiss one if you want to get into it, although it is not one of the best it is saints related.


I was literally in tears of laughter listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Charlie Brooker.

I’m not sure what the other people in the supermarket thought was going on :lou_surprised:


Thoroughly enjoyed that episode. I fall a little bit more in love with Buckles with every podcast.

Will re-recommend Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. They have some really interesting chats about ways the world could be made better. Housing/homeless, de-criminalising drugs, climate change, wealth gap, tax etc.

There is an episode recorded in Liverpool disguising housing issues and how a community resolved the issue.

Ed is quite amusing too.


Oh, I’ve just caught up with Winky and the Stain’s latest (back in April) podcast entitled ‘Feet’. Some corking tracks on there and some fun banter. A beer on the go at 7.30 am? Goodness!


Remember, he loves you too.



Add me to the growing list of admirers of Athletico Mince, which appears to be Sotonians, with Bob Mortimer, in audio form.

That is to say that very little football is discussed and a lot of very funny shit gets chatted in its place. I would even recommend it to @intiniki - the pair of them keep getting told off by the podcast listing people because they advertise themselves as a football podcast, speak very little about football, and when they do mention it, it’s normally in the context of some ridiculous bollocks they’re making up about Steve McClaren.

I also love their ongoing pisstake of Peter Kay and other “observational” comedians.


“…Athelico Mince, which appears to be Sotonians, with Bob Mortimer, in audip form…”

Funny you should say that, have been listening to a few. Episode 54 - Crunch crunch oops, has what could be the Sotonians theme tune, with a little tweaking.


This is on the list to start. But I have so many downloaded already.


Charlie Brooker started off in the first branch of CeX, on Rathbone St in London, as a shop assistant. Back then CeX was the go-to place to get imported Japanese games and consoles early. A lot of specialist trade journos went there. I do not know if this is true, but it would please me if Charlie got his start in magazines because some of those dudes liked the cut of his jib.

He almost got PC Zone closed down with a comic he did called Cruelty Zoo, which wasn’t really his fault. Originally supposed to feature Lara Croft killing many animals,something she did disproportionately in the game of the time, but his editor got a bit scared at the potential reaction from the software publisher and said it was fine, but Lara needed to go.

What was left post-edit was this. They got fucking mullered.


Some more recommendations. I’ve listened to quite a few of them. Will now download the Julia Davies one.


The Richard herring episode with Brian blessed is great. There’s not a lot of Herring. It’s mainly Blessed rambling on in a highly amusing manner.


Listened to this one recently. I also found it hilarious.

That sparked me to delve a bit further into Buxtons podcasts, and have enjoyed them all very much (so far).

Well timed for me as I binged, and pretty much finished one of my other favourites, Hardcore Listing.


Been listening to News roast with Heydon Prowse & Jolyon Rubinstein (The revolution will be televised guys).
https://audioboom.com/channel/news-roast (also on Acast now).
Recently listened to Noel Clarke, Lenny Henry and now on Johann Hari (interesting one about mental health).


Been listening to Adam Buxton’s ‘You’re doing it wrong’ which had a few interesting topics and fill the gap whilst his podcast isn’t coming out.

Also just seen these dates for anyone into Jon Ronson and Richard Herring at Leicester Square Theatre.
https://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873585270 (Jon Ronson )

https://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873492663 (Richard Herring)


I’ve booked tickets to see Adam Buxton’s Bowie Bug at Union Chapel. We even moved plans to go. I hope my partner enjoys it. He’s a huge Bowie fan and I can just sit and moon over Buckles.


I’m quite envious.

Hope the booking fees weren’t too much.


It wasn’t too horrendous. I am not looking forward to sitting on those pews for hours.


Oooooh this sounds right up my alley. I’ve recently blitzed all of Buckles podcasts. Need something to fill the void.


It’s 6th October. Seemed to be tickets last night when I booked.


Mac De Marco is a guest on the latest Buxton podcast. I haven’t listened yet.