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Ta for bumping, Fatso.

If you like older movies, check out The Rewatchables, a podcast about movies that are endlessly rewatchable.

I’ve listened to one on the Silence of the Lambs, and another on A Few Good Men. They deep dive on the details, imparting information on who else was up for which roles, or trivia about the production process.

Sorkin wrote A Few Good Men as a play first, on paper napkins.


True to previous form, I’ve been listening to a podcast called The Conspiracy Guys.

Believe it or not, it’s not some wide-eyed venture which believes everything it reads or sees. What you have instead are (often) five hour deep dives exploring a topic from both skeptical and traditional angles. At the end of each show, they have an “off the fence” moment where they discuss if the theories under discussion have any merit.

Very decent production values; the hosts are all Irish and have their banter down. One of the presenters is a stand-up comic. The only gripe I have is the usually front-loaded self-promotion and advertising, which I’ve gotten very adept at skipping past.


Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed. One of the topics is conspiracy theories, Freddy Flintoff has been viewing a few dodgy websites and seems to argue about the earth being flat.


“My favourite murder” Podcast … Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, 2 comics and a dark sense of humour. It’s really dark and funny.


Listened to Marc Maron’s podcast for the first time recently, in which he interviews (separately) Beau and Jeff Bridges. Fascinating stuff. Never twigged that Lloyd Bridges was their old man. They’re best mates, and have helped each other out in their careers. Jeff got Beau into the Fabulous Baker Boys. Beau just lost out on a part because he was ten years too old, so he pushed the casting director Jeff’s way, who got the part and nailed it.

Maron himself is an engaging host and good interviewer, judging from the tales he eked from those Fabulous Bridges boys. The pair of them are so talented its scary. Beau comes across as a particularly nice chap, the older brother who’s trodden the TV movie path while his younger sibling and father made it consistently in Hollywood.


I’ll pop this in here as I have recommended his podcasts before. True Geordie is a legend.


This is my mate’s nipper’s podcast.

I have not listened to it myself yet. As such, I am throwing the poor bastard on the mercy of you lot.


I haven’t listened to it but thought the sound quality was poor and the content even worse. Please pass this on.


Mark the day. I am onto a Fatso joke.


Apologies if already mentioned by my favourite podcasts are (in no particular order):-

Richard Herring - RHLSTP

Adam Buxton - The Adam Buxton Podcast

Ian Boldsworth & Barry Dodds - The Parapod (Sadly no longer doing new episodes, but well worth listening to the back catalogue).

Bob Mortimor - Athletico Mince

Trevor & Simon - Strangeness in Space

5 Live - Fighting Talk

5 Live - Boxing with Bunce & Costello

Sky - Ringside Toe2Toe

BBC 4 - Friday Night Comedy

Tim Lovejoy - Dear Lovejoy

Football Ramble - The Football Ramble

Plus all the Saints ones…


I’ve revisited the Adam Buxton Podcast lately. Damn, that boy has raised his game. Got the likes of Steve Coogan, Paul Thomas Anderson and Bill Burr on the show.

I’m a long term fan of Adam and Joe, but since they’re no longer “exclusive”, largely on account of Joe being a big time movie chap now, and Ads not, it’s very cool to see Bucky doing so well on his own. His jingles are fantastic, and that’s largely where he keeps the Buxton we all remember.

In conversation, he’s just a nice bloke, irreverently inquisitive at times, but nowhere near the level of Herring when he does the “have you ever tried to suck your own cock?” emergency question.

Three thumbs up from me.


I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Harcore Listing recently.

Simple concept, two hosts, get a guest on and they get to pick a top 5. Often music, but others I’ve listened to have included top 5 bbc comedies, dinosaurs, crisps, sex toys and weird celebrity interviews.

Would definitely recommend.


Dipped into the Dirty Sanchez episode (love those guys). Sound quality was absolutely shite. Stories, great though. Recommend me some choice episodes please @krg_


Ah, that’s one I’ve not listened to yet. The sound is usually fine.

Some of my faves have been:

Gail Porter

Hugo White (I’m a long term Maccabees fan boy, so factor that in)

Mike Joyce (The Smiths)

Adam Ficek (Babyshambles)

Jess Megan

Alix Fox (make sure you listen to this one on headphones!)

Dr. Suzi Gage


Oh the Dave Whitney episode is a great listen too.


I’ve just been catching up with Jon Ronson’s Butterfly Effect series. They really are very good - and of course, are about more than just the porn industry. We really get into the substance of the series by episode 3, which I have just listened to.



Does anyone have any dedicated podcast apps they use and would recommend? I’m finding the standard iPhone one basically unusable.

Don’t mind spending a couple of quid for an app that is worth it.


Acast. It’s free and has most of the ones you mentioned. Also used audioboom for a bit for some that don’t appear on Acast.


I use Pocket Casts. Cheap and well worth the money.


Thanks @pap & @intiniki