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That’s fair enough. I don’t enjoy the commercial aspect of it either. But it becomes a necessity if you want to grow to a certain level.

I’d never have any advertising on my show, on principle. But then that means that we’ll probably never get many more listeners than we already have, and we can’t spend what we’d like to on improving it.


BTW, they didn’t advertise anything at the live show. :lou_wink:


Been enjoying Hip Hop saved my life with Romesh Ranganathan. Not the biggest Hip hop fan myself but enjoy the chat and stories. Quite a few comedians have been on.


That is one comedian i dislike everything he says goes on about “you white folk” Well yes some of us are.


Can’t say I have noticed him doing that.


So I tried to write this the other night and the site seemed to have a breakdown.

I’ve listened to Russell Brand’s Under the Skin podcast. It’s new (on itunes and I downloaded off some other site but not Acast). The first one is ‘Can We Really Stop Terror’ and his guest is Brad Evans (“political philosopher, critical theorist and writer, whose work specialises on the problem of violence”). I found it quite interesting. Brand isn’t the annoying guy some people think he is, in this. I used to think he was awful until I saw him live a realised he’s an intelligent guy.

The Guardian have written a reasonable review.


Another 2 episodes of Brand’s Under the Skin podcast done. Most recent is Adam Curtis.

Both excellent and give food for thought.

Curtis talks about lanyards at one point @rallyboy


Richard Herring, yes that guy who you knew in the 90’s :slight_smile: His podcasts are great. At least an hour talking in depth to fellow comics actors etc.


Booked tickets to see 2 of Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre podcast. One with Adam Buxton (my favourite podcaster) and Sara Pascoe. Going on my own as my partner just doesn’t get podcasts.


I love buxtons podcasts. He went ages after Christmas not doing another podcast but there were some available last time I looked, I think. Unfortunately, none of them would download for me.


Yeah I noticed there was a big gap between them. It was a struggle. He gets me through going to different visits. Like and subscribe, like and subscribe.


Athletico Mince…Ep. 41 Meet Barry Homeowner.


Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin Criminals and Radio 6 has a new Podcast Huey: off the record. First episode is with Ricky Gervais.

I love Huey"s accent so will probably keep listening.


A good podcast I’ve found is The Ref Show. It sounds really boring, but is quite interesting particularly if there’s contentious issues in the previous weekends games. A Journo,an ex ref & an ex pro basically discuss the performance of refs and incidents at various games. They’re quite scathing of the refs at times, and raise some interesting points of law. It’s only about 20 mins long, which is about right.


I listened to the Adam Curtis one whilst commuting to work. It’s not really funny at all but is really interesting. Well worth listening to. I’ve got a new phone and can now download podcasts again, so have been catching up with all sorts. I do love a bit of Buxton.


Me too but there is another long gap to get through! Looking forward to Richard Herring and Adam Buxton recording next week.


Quite enjoyed the first episode of Luke and Pete’s Summer, the temporary Football Ramble replacement by half the Ramble chaps.

Hopefully that other seasonal favourite, Andy Zaltzman’s Summer of Sport will be back too.


Off to watch another recording of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square podcast this time around with Sara Pascoe and Ed Byrne.

The two I saw recorded a while ago: Adam Buxton and Jessica Knappett are up to listen to.


There’s a very good Five Live series called Beyond Reasonable Doubt. It’s about the famous Staircase killing in North Carolina. Very interesting; did the first six episodes in one sitting.


On the recommendation of Adam Buxton, I listened to the 7 part podcast called S Town. It’s fucking marvellous. I won’t even begin to describe it. Just listen to it.