Players Bazza is happy with

McCarthy - Yes, just
Vestergaard - No just no.
Stephens - Yes 4th centreback
Long - Yes
Ings - Yes
Adams - Yes
Djenpo - Yes
Romeu - Yes
JWP - Never thought I’d say this but yes.
Armstrong - Yes
Boufal - Yes
Obafemi - Yes
Bertrand - Yes
Redmond - Yes
Walker Peters - Yes
Smallbone - Yes
Gunn - No, hasn’t kicked on.
Vokins - Yes
Bednerek - Yes 3rd choice centreback
Danso - No but because we haven’t seen him and there must be a reason for that.
Valery - Yes

This is the bulk of the squad and you’ll be amazed that Bazza is genuinely happy with the vast majority of this squad, really impressed obviously with Ings this season but Walker Peters after his start has been a real find and looks a very good footballer (not a player or a defender a footballer) and Armstrong who I think is a great footballer also,
midfield and up front we look to have some depth and experience whilst also being a young team, this does go to shit when we look at our two centrebacks but I’m sure thats being looked at and Salisu has to be better than our last signings in that dept (fucking surely please), maybe now is also the time to look at a long term goalkeeper option, I’m not sure of Forster nor Gunn but McCarthy and someone else could work and I’d take Ben Foster for now if we could get him.

Love Bazza


Are you ok Barry?

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I’m still drunk from last night. I presume Barry is as well


I’m sure I just read on Twitter that JWP has played every minute of every league match this season. That’s not bad going.

High on life.

I played a full season once, don’t take that as anything.

Goaty ratings for the season:

Valery, Djenepo, Boufal, Gunn

Vestergaard, Højbjerg, Smallbone

Pretty good:
Obafemi, Adams, Romeu, McCarthy

Good season, more to come:
Redmond, Bertrand, Stephens, Long

Excellent season:
JWP, Armstrong, Bednarek

King of the Scummers:
Danny Ings

Next Season:
Sell Hojbjerg. Sign KWP. Upgrade Vestergaard and Gunn. Get more from Boufal/Djenepo. Adams to hit double figures. Top 10 finish.


Piece of piss. :+1::+1::+1:


Bednarek 3rd choice CB is a bit harsh Baz, I think he’s been one of the standout players this year, he’s no VVD that’s for sure but I don’t think we’ll see his like again.

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For once we are not pleading for a CF but as usual for a CB or 2 possibly? KWP is top of my list tbf, top footballer in the making!

I really do hope Boufal will set something alight next season. So much talent, so inconsistent

VVD was worth the season ticket alone

Not many players have played for saints who you can say that about

I have a feeling Boufal won’t be here next season.


It is a possibility he will now have value and we have nippers coming through as cover.
But. We had him & Moussa out injured. Now imagine Redz & Armstrong out for 4 or more matches.
That changes the equation imho

We are Champion league finishing position next season.

Nb am still drunk after yesterdays afternoon sesh an todays follow up.

So drunk i just spent 2 grand on a gold neckless


Ha Ha! I once spent 80 quid on a pearl necklace. Not for me you understand.


Haven’t seen enough of Djenepo to say it he’s good or not. Obviously Ings is the standout player this season but JWP, Stephens and Armstrong have all come really good considering they started the season poorly. Valery needs something to kickstart his obvious talent which will probably mean a move away. I wonder if Reed and Sims will feature in RH plans next season?

I have a feeling you’re right

That’s fairly cheap yeah? Asking for a friend


Reed maybe. Although I suspect he has found his level in the Championship.

Sims, I highly doubt it.

Both have been overlooked and loaned out by multiple managers so there must be something in that. Neither are especially young now.

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I also have a statue of Gladstone Small, but it’s in bronze and not gold.