:pl: 👩‍⚖️ PL Footballer accused of False imprisonment and rape

Player not named.

Rumours about a particular player already doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Southampton have been there before on one of the pre season tours to Scandi land

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Hopefully not one of ours…hopefully not true but hopefully fully investigated. These always get very messy as they get played out in Social Media.

The PL have been united in attacking the rumours.

You mean they’ve said nothing?

Take it as you will :grin::grin:

It must be someone young or naïve. Only a player who was rather green would let themselves be put in that type of situation.

I’ve seen something that didn’t name him but says he is a young British player who plays in the NW.

Supposed to be a full media blackout, but the player has allegedly been in custody since last Friday pending charges.

Until whoever it is is found guilty of the offence he should not be named.


This is how it should be in all criminal cases - as it is in most EU countries, but we always were happy to let our media do its thing… as Murdoch seemed to hold a lot of power with governments on such things…


I’m not happy that this is a new thread after I created a Football News thread! :smiley:

On a couple of the points raised, I’ve got mixed feelings about people not being named. The one big reservation I’ve got is that it can often lead to other people coming forward.

Not sure how that happens without publicity. Sure, the coppers can review past cases, but they’ll miss cases where things weren’t reported.

I would also add that these sort of issues rarely deliver good outcomes on football forums. Adam Johnson. Brr.

Hopefully Sotonians will buck the trend.

As a matter of fact, I completely agree with that principle. In these days of social media though, these things spread like wildfire and once the information is out there it’s pretty much impossible to keep quiet. I’ve been sent the same name by half a dozen acquaintances now.

He wasn’t playing football at the time, at least as far as I’m aware :thinking::smile::smile:

Quiet, Angus AllwithyourpotentialMcLibel :slight_smile:

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Understood, mon capitaine. Far be it from me to land this enterprise in the Old Bailey.

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My problem with that is it also brings out those who think they might get something out of it. There have been plenty of cases where someone has been accused by more than one person who have then gone on to be found innocent. Most of them have had their lives ruined due to the trial by media that usually ensues.

On the other hand there is a female that lives very near me that has accused 4 men that I know of, of inappropriate touching ( she is a teenager). Due to their fear of the media each one has paid her to stay quiet, one of those she accused is gay but still paid rather than have his private life spread everywhere. Because of this sort of thing I think if the accused is named then so should the accuser be named



You echo my thoughts on the subject as well…

Fair points, like. However, they’re emboldened by the fact that our media is big on accusations, and very small on exoneration.

There should also be greater sanction against those that have demonstrably made false claims.