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Plenty of options, eg some can do relay, or everyone gets a rest day and drives support van etc … key is not to go mental on pace so that old limbs fall off, we experience an adverse cardiovascular events…


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So, to try to make sure I don’t die as early as I am predicting, I’m looking to start the Lycra bound road cycling thing. Luckily due to location I have a lot of choice of where to cycle, but does anyone have any tips on it.

To start with I will be riding my MTB, but will get some SPDs and shoes, but later in the year, if I keep it up, I will buy myself a road bike.

I will also be applying to do Ride London next year - have any of you guys done this before?


Excellent - got.back on the bike 5 years ago after I gave up smoking and actually took stock of what 25 years of smoking and limited exercise had done to me. I had done a bit of mountain biking in my early 20s so bike was in good condition so started on that. Soon got first road bike which is now one of 3! :flushed::joy::flushed: Be warned, it’s addictive all this carbon technology!!

Currently riding around 250-350km a week but it’s Less in winter as weather is shit… have ridden quite a few sportives around the UK but have a bit of an issue with many of them as they charge ridiculous money for roads you can ride for free any other day with very limited amounts going to the advertised charities … and they seem dominated by a few dicks who think they are pros… but would suggest you do a couple of shorter 50km to 100km smaller events first - there are loads!

I now spend my spare cash mostly on new bits and an annual trip to France for a weeks cycling on smooth roads in the sun -drinking good wine and eating fine food😊

… I am a lot fitter and healthier, but still look a fat twat in Lycra - but I don’t care :joy:


Which bike to get is an interesting one. I approached it by buying a bike expensive enough that I might feel compelled to use it but cheap enough to not be too much of a ball ache if I didnt get on with the thing and it collected dust in the garage.

Sure as shit, if you come to love riding, you will be looking to upgrade almost immediately. If you do don’t despair, the first bike can become your winter bike / turbo trainer bike. Remember, you cannot have enough bikes, despite what the Missus says.

If you are getting serious heat on the money front from the missus, take the triggers broom approach to a new bike (as perfected by chutters). First switch out the wheels, then the group set, saddle, stem, post, bars and finally the frame. Voila new same old bike.

Not done the ride london, but done a few sportives - try UK cycling https://www.ukcyclingevents.co.uk/ - they do shorter distances as well.

I have done a 100 miler once before - it is tough. For me the last 15 miles was a special kind of purgatory. However the training to get to it will get you fit.

You need to read the rules http://www.velominati.com/the-rules



Yep - triggers broom law is the one of those excellent things that ensure a successful marriage. :joy::joy:

As CB suggests would always say buy the best frame you can afford as it will become a better bike as you Upgrade parts and it will also hold a bit more value should you decide it’s not for you.

I was lucky as I managed to convince Mrs Chutters, Rib to let me spend a year what I used to spend on cigarettes… she had no clue that just 5 packs a week was totalling around £2500 … it sounds a lot to spend, but new kit, shoes, lighter carbon and weeks in France it is quite a tight annual budget :joy::joy::flushed::joy::joy:

She knows I am really too old to be Geraint but I think she accepts it’s a price worth paying if it means I reduce the risk of heart disease or MIs etc and manage to stick around a little longer … even if she also thinks I look a twat in Lycra


Doing exactly the same thing here, Shirty.

My footballing days are over now due to a dodgy knee (unless the NHS can work a miracle) which means there aren’t many cardiovascular activities (that I enjoy) that I can do. Cycling seems to actually strengthen the knee and doesn’t cause me too much pain. Rowing works but makes the knee ache.

Anyway, I’m using my son’s old hybrid mountain bike (Whyte?) which actually feels like a good compromise to me. Thin tyres and light frame and only suspension on the front forks which can be locked out when on the road. I’ve been out on it three times in the past week or so (5K/22K/20K) and then a camping trip got in the way and now I’m off on another camping trip today so itching to get back in the saddle.

I’ve even bought a bottle holder and a phone mount thingy so I can watch myself on a map going slowly up, and then speeding down hills.

I think a good way to get the motivation is to share what you’re doing with friends / family / on here. People seem to use Strava which syncs with my FitBit so that’s good. That way when people see a lull they can bully you or at least create that pressure to keep you going.

My goal is to get my resting heart-rate back to where it was when I was playing footbal regularly a year or so back and to strengthen my knee but not damage it further. If I lose a few pounds in that endeavour then all good.


Mrs @Map-Of-Tasmania now wants him to take up smoking again instead.


Haha. I found best was just the free Strava app on phone which then syncs automatically with the web version… me and Btrips and SfcSim follow each other (strava term , not sexual predator like) and encourage each other etc. Let me know your Strava names and I can set up a small Sotonians ‘club’ page so that you can take the piss out me in Lycra.

I will however rule over the group with a strict policy of no cunts :flushed::grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of the best bits of kit I bought early on was a Garmin Bike computer with sat nav built in. I could plan the routes on Strava (excellent tool for this), download the gpx file and the gizmo would keep me on track. I also discovered huge swathes of the new forest that I never knew existed. It will also help keep you off busy roads, which can be scary. You only ride on the A31 once.


Funny you mention smoking - I am quitting as part of this health drive (I am only a social 40 cigs a month kinda guy, so shouldn’t be too hard).

What inspired me was being on holiday just North of Toulon last month - I made acquaintance with a French chap who was very much into his cycling, and it reminded me how much I liked it.

Yeah, the MTB should be ok to start with as I have a remote lockout on the forks, but I have heard it is night and day between them on the road.

Are you part of a riding club?


I did sent a friend request to @BTripz on Strava but he ignored it. Bastard. I’ll PM you.


I joined a local club and stayed a member for 3 years but they can be dominated by dickheads for whom every ride is a race as opposed to a way of meeting new folks and enjoying a day out with. I am. I longer a member but made 4 good friends who I travel to Grance with every year for the weeks riding and socialising

I would chose a club carefully - some of the older more established Ines may have less dicks who think they need to show how good they are at every opportunity


I used to have a £4k Orange Patriot, so I know how much biking costs so I’m not scared of money. The missus on the other hand…

I will start off around the £1k mark I think - I like the look of some of the Merlin Carbon bikes, or a Canyon. Once I’ve got one of them I will upgrade as I go, as I have previously for MTBing.


That’s me out then…


Haha nah you are OK just! :joy:


Any bike recommendations would be appreciated. Don’t want anything too aggressive as will mainly be doing Sportive’s.