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Always a good one… my first 200km planned for next week- done 185km but looking to get to 210-220 or so… problem up here is finding a day where you get consistent weather - and preferably dry… lols


Great cycle today. My garmin picked a route for me, just the 25 miler, but for the first time, it took me off road. Great fun until you realised that I needed to throw my bike over a ‘new’ gate in the corner of a bridleway and clamber over myself through the mud!

Also on this route today, I cycled down from Greta to Carlisle on an old stretch of road (besides the M6) that used to be the main road between the two places. So glad when they keep these roads rather than covering them. It is now a cycleway 72. I cycled in Oxfordshire where they kept an old stretch of railway, which was now a cycleway. That was great as well.

Come find me on Strava now - Kevin Sim.


Too many Kevin Sims, can you give us a direct link to your profile?

Like mine which, to be brutally frank and honest, isn’t very exciting.


Sent you a follow request… you will jknow my name and recognise my orange helmet ;-0

And Sim need you to send link too :wink:


Mine is not very exciting as only got my garmin Christmas and Strava yesterday. Cannot seem to sync my garmin to Strava either. Not picking up Bluetooth.

My surname is very rare, but it must be all the Sim’s short for simulator? My user name is cyclesim.


Sim, just download the Strava app on your phone and it does it all if you take your phone on the ride…, I just use my Mio now as a sat nav and for live info - all data collected direct into Strava from app…

did this because had 2 Garmin s which were both fucked with a month - just gave up - and the Mio was a faff to get fat uploaded…


Originally posted by @areloa-grandee

Sim, just download the Strava app on your phone and it does it all if you take your phone on the ride…, I just use my Mio now as a sat nav and for live info - all data collected direct into Strava from app…

did this because had 2 Garmin s which were both fucked with a month - just gave up - and the Mio was a faff to get data uploaded…


I’ve got a Garmin Edge 200, connects to Garmin Connect easily and uploads to Strava. It’s a basic device but it does what I want it to.


After selling the children, and Mrs Ferret (most likely to some dodgy fur traders)…I have been able to procure anew frame(and a few new components) and she is now with me at home :lou_lol: Still got to adjust a few thing s and charge the Di2 batterybefore first proper spin… when its dry


Frame, Fork, seat post - Cipollini NK1K

Wheelset : Fast Forward Full carbon clincher 60mm

Groupset: Shimno Dura Ace 9070 Di2 + 9150 direct mount brakes

Saddle: Fizik Aliante 00 (Full carbon)

Bars: Cinelli Ram 3 integrated bar and stem

Chain: KMC Gold

Peddles: Look Keo blade Carbon / Titanium axle

Tyres: Schwalbe One 25mm

Still got to find a 6 degree mount for the Di2Junction box, but almost there. The only downsideis now being in eternal debt to Mrs Ferret as I can now never refuse anything she asks for,…


Just stop it! :lou_surprised:


How to make cycling super-accessible.


£1,700 alone for that beauty!! If I didn’t know how committed you were before I sure do now.


Bloody hell. The guy was lucky to be alive after this :lou_surprised:


3 years for that? Not enough, and the her sob story brings tears to my eyes! No really…


Performance enhancing prescription drugs…

I was stung by a wasp last week… and ended up with an allergic reaction, my whole face swollen and eye clossed up like I had done 10 rounds with Tyson… This needed strong antihistamine injections + 3 days worth of cortico-steroid Prednisolone. Now this is a mild cortico steroid, yet when out riding under its influence, did not even break a sweat on 100km and broke nearly all my PBs on various sections, including going from a Strava ranked 187th to 5th overall on one segment.

To be honest i was shocked at how much of an impact 3 days of steroids could have - to be fair, that level in my blood would have seen me banned, but I am sure I would have got away with it with a TUE… and there in lies the big debate. I woudl estimate I improved aroudn 15-20% by yaking these drugs and whats more, because I did not feel fatigued after 100km, could have trained more and harder out of competition…


I don’t need performance enhancing drugs to ride some of the bikes I do :lou_is_a_flirt:


Actually, as someone who has never touched steroids (and shies away from any medication if I can) that is pretty interesting. I always presumed the effects were at the margins and wondered why on earth anyone would do it. I guess now we know.

Presumably, there is a equally big drop off when you stop taking them…


I suspect so. I had a high km month topping out at 1252km. I should have been completey knackered last week, but then those steroids kicked in and I did my best times/rides with over 900km in the legs. I had a few days off and those drugs are out the system, and i really struggled today… did two rides, early morning 47k was OK… but this afternoon’s 60 was a mare… bonked after 30km and ended up pootling around 20kmh for last 30… completely done in… this would be normal after 4 heavier weeks for me, but just went to show how that doping up really had an impact.


Chutters (or “the Gobbler” as you will be soon known), as you have a ludicrously expensive bike you may be able to advise me. My midlife crisis shows no signs of abating and I have just bought another bike. As the amount of cash I have tied up in bike is becoming quite substantial, do you have a separate bike insurance or is it all covered by the house insurance



You mean that old Cipollini? :lou_lol:

Stupidly, I have yet to get around to it… :lou_surprised: Mainly because its so expensive, but I do have 1 listed on Household contents for its full value and it added around 15 permonth!

I am going to be shoppoing around all the specialist (Zurich do one, Yellow Jersey etc) - challenge is finding one without so many get out clauses … if its not inside a fort knox vault its not covered bollox, but also making sure you have damage from crash + 3rd party liability. Peace of mind if out group riding and you fuk up and total someone elses bike, injure or car /pedestrian etc… (Personally i think this should expected anyway if I did not thinkit would be a licence for the insurance twats to screw us… and a load of non-cycling criminals to use it to claim personal injury amounts and fuck the premiums even more…)

If bike is v expensive you can break it down into Frame/components and wheels as separate items on contents etc… but not all will do that… Will let you know how I get on. Best quote I had on the Cipollini was £48per month! andneed to very careful as if Mrs Ferret saw the ‘value’ there would be serious questions asked/explosive language/damage to testicles/possible divorce in the Ferret household :lou_surprised: