🏏 🇵🇰 Pakistan in England, 2019

So the :pakistan: cricket team are over here for a series of limited overs matches, mainly in preparation for the upcoming World Cup of Cricket.

There was a T20i match the other day which England and Wales managed to win quite comfortably (in the end). It was played at Cardiff which is why no-one really knew about it I guess…

May 5, 2019 - Only T20I at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Pakistan 173/6 (20 ov)

England 175/3 (19.2/20 ov)

England won by 7 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)

Today we have the first of 5 ODIs.

Today’s match has been delayed due to rain at the Kennington Oval, due to start at 13:00 and guess what, it’s pissing down in London again!!

This is the game that’ll bring 2 communities together and show that the Tebbit test is a load of shit…

Pakistan 10/1 after 4 overs

Archer to Fakhar Zaman, OUT , gottim, taken on the juggle at second slip! Archer breaks through - of course he does - and Fakhar is off after a tentative prod at another slippery ball in the channel. Just enough movement, oodles of pace and Root holds on at the third attempt! Nearly too hot to hold on to

Fakhar Zaman c Root b Archer 3 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 27.27

After a short rain delay, Pakistan are 72/2 at the end of the 17th over.

Anyone else going to the Ageas on Saturday for the ODI?

It rained in London so amazed they are playing. After all the rain totally fvcked Heathrow


Just got tickets & coach to the ODI Saturday

Anyone else going?

Anyone got a couple of Pirate costumes?
Asking for a friend

Having forked out over £120 for England v W Indies in the World Cup, I decided they could poke this one up their international backsides.

We were also banking on Swaythling Athletic being at Wembley for the National League play off final.

Fuck Sake @Lets-B-Drinking where’s your commitment?

On my sofa, flicking between this and the play-offs, supporting Fylde and Sunderland.


Seems our last minute deal is a rugby club/Salisbury Saints fancy dress party.
No idea how I can find that outfit tomorrow

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a bandana and an eye patch cant be difficult to get.

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Oh shit

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Lovely day for it. Some of us are at work :rage:

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Pakistan win the toss & bowl we think big accent@

Bloody cold! Cow corner to left handers in amongst the pirates at Hilton end. Block N Row E 43.
Found the Real Ale bar already

Had to turn down a free ticket in corporate today

England 49- 0 after 8 overs
Roy & Bairstowe in