:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 37 2021/22

Another heavy dose of football this week, hopefully a couple of results will go :saints: way today and we’ll be safe come are bum holing in Tuesday…

Spurs penalty on the strike of half time, VAR suggested the ref review, he did, penalty given. Can’t argue about it to be honest… with the new rules.

Kane scores, Pope didn’t even move, Spurs 1-0 Burnley

Burnley much the better team in this second half, culminating with Barnes just hitting the post from 30yds out.

Watford 1-1 Leicester City

Feck me, Wellbeck scores a goal not against Saints…

Leeds 0-1 Brighton

Watford 1-2 Leicester
West Ham 1-0 Man City

Wolves 0-1 Norwich

W Ham 2-0 City

City have pulled it back to 2-2.

The city I live in is quiet.

I’m cooking a roast for the family and in laws who’re all Liverpool fans, my mood was black until a few minutes ago, I couldn’t face the table with their banter of how could they are self deprecating statements of
“oh who’d be a Liverpool fan”
“we don’t make it easy”
“Klopp is a funny guy”
Makes me fucking sick.

Few reds live in the city, its mental up in Goodison at the moment.
This may pain you Pap as I know you’re a sly red, Liverpool only have 5832 season ticket holders in the L postcode, founded by a tory and an orangeman.

That is one huge penalty miss

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Frank Lampard is a card carrying Tory, even appeared on platforms with them at election time. Just saying…!

I didn’t know that and don’t care. I do care about threads being infested with your confected division.

Please stop it.

Poetic justice. The VAR cameras only showed the ref the angle from goal side, ignoring the view from behind that showed Jesus carefully wrapping his foot around Dawson’s leg in order to fall over. He’s spent too much time with Sterling. I’d have liked City to win this one, but I’m glad that penalty didn’t go in.

And trust me he gets pelters for it up here.

Oh I know, I throw it in regularly, especially when card carrying lefty bluenoses up the local start getting carried away about super Frank the saviour. Got to try to keep them honest. :wink:

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Meanwhile Everton have taken the lead against Brentford…

Ooops Everton down to 10

Harsh red to be fair…

No option. I’d say it was harsh on Brentford, last man in on goal and only a free kick…