:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 37 2021/22

Tooney felt the touch and went down far too easily…

1:1 lol

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What a goal though…ah took a deflection off of Coleman

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Yep, Coleman absolutely buried that, beautiful header. :+1::+1:

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Penalty to the Toffees, stupid “tackle” from the Brentford defender.

And Richarlison converts 2-1 to Everton

Fair play to Everton, Liverpool is rocking right now trust me.

2:2 now though

And eventually, 2-2, Wissa with the header that he meant this time…

Sorry 2:3 now

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We want 9


Oooppps Everton scary couple of minutes

Another straight red for Everton, Rondon sent off after being on the pitch for not that long.

Everton down to 9 men - is that what you meant by “we want 9” Bob?

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4 minutes time added on, just stick a fork in ref…

I claim the credit for that Brentford win.

Went for my lucky nap. :+1::+1:


Newcastle v Arsenal tonight.

Do we want Arsenal to win so Spurs don’t get in the chumpions league or do we want Newcastle to win?

Or do we not give a flying fuck either way :thinking: 🤷


Defo Arsenal to win - utterly ambivalent to Newcastle whereas I hate Spurs


Hudds Luton is a hell of a game so far.

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How are Luton not leading? Missing 3 midfielders and top scorer on the bench after an injury yet still excellent