:pl: ⚽ Other Games - Week 10 2021/22

Ramsdale having a blinder, made 2 or 3 good saves so far, the latest from a superb Maddison free kick.

Still 2-0 to the Arse

Well worth th lead

Arsenal now creaking like a wet plank

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But Ramsdale pulling off some good saves…


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Burnley 3 up v Brentford
Liverpool 2 up v Brighton

Liverpool 2 - 1 Brighton
Man City 0 - 1 Crystal Palace!!

Superbru says ouch

Liverpool 2-2 Brighton
Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

Burnley 3-1 Brentford
Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea

Burnley 3-1 Brentford FT
Liverpool 2-2 Brighton FT :rofl:
Man City 0-2 Crystal Palace 90’ +2
Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea FT
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This :joy::joy:

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And this one :laughing:

Ronaldo puts United 1 up against Tottenham.

Levy wouldn’t sack Nuno this early would he??

it’ll cost him if he does…perhaps he can get Poch back. :rofl:

I still want to know why Thierry Henri is telling us to roll up your dick. :thinking:

Happy Halloween.



Polish tour having lunch in Slovakia with Maltese Leeds fans watching the Norwich game

I take it he’s just started a lap of honour around the cafe as Leeds have just gone one up. :lou_lol:

Opps…Norwich have just cut his lap of honour short. :rofl:

1 - 1.

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