:pl: ⚽ Other Games - Week 10 2021/22

Lap of honour resumed… 1 - 2.

Start again. 1-2

Three points for Leeds and three Superbru points for me too. :lou_lol:

1 - 2 FT

Villa behind after 8 mins.

They watched while I drove back from Slovakia, nearly dented the roof when they scored

Ings not in the squad today…injury??

1-1 now. Watkins equaliser.

See the SFC v Villa thread for Ings theories

Rice puts WH back in the lead… 1 - 2

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Villa have a man sent of after a VAR review…to be honest they got off lightly as a forearm smash on Fornals was not deemed a red car. Not a red card…my arse. They sould be down to 9 men.


Yes, that whack in the face looked entirely deliberate.


Villa 1 - 3 West Ham

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Villa 1-4 West Ham, Bowen with the 4th…

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Wolves overdoing the tributes to Nuno, imho.

Oh, hang on. It’s for Remembrance Sunday.


Wolves 2:0 Everton

So far.

Skates 0 Cheltenham 1. 6 mins.


…and that’s the Ladies College. :grin:

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Cunts have equalised.

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Still leaves them level apart from goal difference with the mighty Cheltenham, who they couldn’t beat at home, and Lincoln City. 7 points off the playoffs and 13 from the top two.

I don’t think we need to concern ourselves about their rising above their station this season.


Card fest in the UCL game LIVATM.
Felipe foul yellow walks away ignores Ref 3 times gets red.
2 more yellows.