Other Games w/e 22nd-23rd Oct

0-0 at HT between Bournemouth and spurs.

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0-0 at HT between Bournemouth and spurs.

Spuds picked up 4 yellows in the first half…looking forward to developments. :lou_wink_2:

0-0 FT. Good point for Bournemouth in a game of very few chances. Sissoko will be getting a ban for an elbow on Arter. Ref gave plenty of soft yellows but missed or bottled any red card offences.


& Bournmuff could have walked away with all 3 points at the end

My God, Sunderland are shit.

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Upvoted for choosing to watch West Ham v Sunderland

0-0 at halftime. Sunderland did get slightly better but were still shit.

Zaza looks like Richard from Guess Who?

Other half times:

Burnley lead Everton 1-0 (Vokes)

Stoke lead at Hull (Shakira)

Leicester leading Palace 1-0 (Musa)

What an absolute bore today’s games have been.

The Latin songstress gets another for Stoke.

Okazaki doubles Leicester’s lead.

Bolasie levels for Everton.

Had a flutter on Sunderland at HT. Bit annoyed as it looks like I’ll be right that they’ll avoid defeat, but I guess they were always unlikely to score and I was a bit greedy.

Fuchs slots home for Leicester.

Burnley leading Everton.

Bada Bing.

Reid scores for West Ham in the last minute of injury time.

Arfield scores for Burnley in injury time.

Cabaye gets a consolation for Palace.

Woops. Good thing I didn’t get on Sunderland to avoid defeat and only lost tuppence on their failing to win.

Lol @ Arsenal. Normally I’d get behind them in their quest to challenge City but after their dodgy winners vs us and Burnley its about time they well and truly f’cked up.

Good to see Everton getting teabagged by recently-promoted cloggers as well.


Fishy few go down at home to mighty Notts County 1 - 2…ahhh shame. :lou_lol:


10 man Notts County beat Pompey at Fratton. :lou_lol:


The best result of the day