Other Games w/e 22nd-23rd Oct

@TeleFootball: David Moyes’ Premier League record since August 2015:

P 20
W 2
D 5
L 13


Its becoming astonishing how Pompey consistently fuck things up in League 2.

I suppose its mainly down to the fact that they’ve sunk to such a low level where even if you want to throw your money about to some extent, there simply aren’t any stand-out players of any kind.

In the Championship, you can still sign players willing to step down from the Premiership for a season (Matt Richie/Dwight Gayle) - or help yourself to the guy who stands out massively in League 1 before someone else does (Lambert/Jordan Rhodes), but in League 2, even if you have an image as a big club (relatively speaking) and can pay (again, relatively) high wages, the pool of players is such an average ‘much-of-a-muchness’ that there’s just barely any difference in ability between the clubs.

As such, it becomes a bit of a lottery as to who can cobble together the most efficient team/squad/unit from the average smattering of players they have at their disposal, and simply waiting for your club to draw the winning ticket.

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Everton … HA HA !!!


Ts … Mane, fuckin’ goal hanger

Originally posted by @steveintheforest

Ts … Mane, fuckin’ goal hanger

Nobody anywhere near him…totally unmarked but Hoddle creaming his jeans over a “wonderful Liverpool goal” Arse licking twat.


Good goal by Coultinho tho’ … fucked in FF this week with WBA players filling most of my defence :lou_facepalm_2:

Watched the Burnley-Everton game in my local in West Derby with half a dozen mates, staunch Evertonians to a man. I can report that Koeman’s honeymoon period is over. Lots of mutterings which are reminiscent of the latter half of last season under Martinez. After their euphoria at the start of the season, where a few games in they were convinced that this would be the season that Everton finally would be up there challenging for the top four, some realism is starting to set in. “may as well have stuck with Martinez” was one comment that had me smirking into my beer! As i point out to them whenever possible, it could be argued that Koeman over achieved at Saints, his managerial record before coming to St Mary’s was mixed to say the least, suggesting that this could be the season when he gets found out. One can but dream!

I also never miss an opportunity to graciously thank them for paying Koemans salary for the two years he was with us, and allowing us the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ with Claude Puel. Needless to say this doesn’t always go down too well with the faithful, but for all their bluster i do get the feeling that seeds are being planted and nerves touched!


Good to see Manure getting a tonking. 4:0 down


Shame it’s by Chelski though…

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The finest punditry is available from Phil Neville who suggests that Man Utd should not be written off for the title as ’ I don think that are playing at the level Moanrinho wants them to’’. …

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Managerial Tricks - no.284.

Mourinho attempts to create war of words at final whistle to distract from his side’s appalling performance.


Woke up to 5 Live’s Monday Morning Club section where they talk about the weekend’s games.

The only reference to us being in a game against City was to say that City gifted us a goal.

Surely even the most one-eyed reporter has to acknowledge that we played some part in that scoreline?

Bunje of cunds


Depends on the narrative they’re trying to create though doesn’t it? Currently ‘city player’s struggling with Pep’s philosophy’ is the storyline, and us being gifted a goal fits in with that. MOTD2 panel were very complimentary about us and gave us plenty of credit for once. Main thing is Bletch that we can see through the bullshit of most outlets of the media and sit smugly to ourselves knowing that we are doing well.


Agreed, vagstar.

To be fair, they hardly bothered talking about Chelsea either as the “Is Jose struggling” narrative is more interesting.

I always think that good sport has enough drama without media outlets trying to create plots, heroes and panto characters, but it still goes on.

MotD are on a run at the moment of doing that, ‘he’s not scored this season’ thang, or ‘a goal now would change the game’, just before said player scores.

Like media plotlines, it’s commentary aimed at simpletons.


Oh no it doesn’t.


That’s terrible…

Though I kind of enjoyed it.