:pl: ⚽ Other Games- Game Week 5 2021/22

Don’t know about you guys but the first match of the weekend looks riveting for the “showcase” time slot…

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Anyone else watching Newcastle and wondering if it’s Bruce’s last game in charge?


No you’re not watching, or no you don’t think his neck’s on the block?

Not watching and not his last game as manager as Ashley will not pay the payoff due if he does sack him.

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Leeds are 1 - 0 up after 16 mins

That Leeds kit looks like a washing machine accident

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What website are you on?

Flash streams Twitter
PC Version

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It looks particularly dodgy on Rodrigo, who appears to be wearing fancy stockings.

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Surprisingly crazy hame

That is a supprisingly good advert free stream :+1: :+1:

You can always depend on Phil for those. :+1::+1::+1:

I may need help next Saturday finding a golf stream while working a wedding :wink:

And thanks for your online banking details.
Omg you kept THOSE photos?

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Can you please put the funds of my UK bank to Zero?

May only cost you 2 grand :rofl::rofl:


St Maxima

Shock FPL points for Phil!


WTF - keep getting diverted to signing up for a VPN or confirming I’m not a robot :roll_eyes:

Not me.
Game is bonkers how Leeds didnt score there?

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