:pl: ⚽ Other Games - Game Week 14 2021/22

Not really a game week as such but :-

Newcastle down to 10 men after 9min - Clark blatant foul on man through :rofl:

Newcastle down to 10 after 10 mins, Pukki gets a lucky ricochet and races through but the Newcastle defender pulls Pukki’s shirt, last man, had to go…

And Newcastle making a substitution- defensive. Having to park the bus already?

Don’t tell me @SimplySaint has predicted this and has made his Superbru prediction accordingly. Meanwhile the sending off has wrecked my 2 - 0 Newcastle’s win and made it look stupid. :lou_facepalm_2:

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I went for 0:0 :roll_eyes:

Looks like Eddie Howe’s enjoying his time back in big-time football. :rofl:

Looking at the quality of the football so far 0 - 0 looks like a good bet.

Whatever happened to penalties for last man in on goal being hauled down, even outside the box? :thinking:

My 2-1 down the pan as well

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Should be a spot kick from 18 yards…think it would be welcomed by players and fans.

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Are you thinking of games with jumpers for goal posts and rush goalies?

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Mmmm…marvelous isn’t it. :slight_smile:

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Gonna watch Leeds vs. Palarse…got to be better than the other crap.

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Have a very early start tomorrow and invested too much time in this shower of shit to back out now.

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Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

530 alarm just to take pics of snow for me ffs

Here one from the other morning…snow shot…well a light dusting…


Shit penalty from Wilson, but the lucky bastard got away with it.

I’m back watching this one. Seems like it’s still on for my 2 - 0 prediction. :open_mouth: