:pl: ⚽ Other Games - Game Day 16 : 28th - 30th December

Palace curently leading Leicester 1-0

Everton v Man City off. City got Covid. Oops!

Everton v Man City postponed, “due to Covid”.

Quite wonderful goal from Zaha to put Palace into the lead.

Yeah, just watched a replay of it, how come none of the 'taters noticed it took a deflection off of Justin which is why it beat Schmeichel…

Apparenty Iheanacho missed a penalty as well…


Please can it stay this way for another 22 minutes…

Anyone picked Calvert-Lewin or city players as captain this week? I hope you picked a good VC, unless your VC was Jamie Vardy that is.

Who did you have as capitan this week @Polski_Filip?


Whoops, I forgot to change after the weekend’s games, TBF it has come quite quickly…

I was ready to go again 20 minutes after the final match :lou_sunglasses:

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Still a superb goal, from start to finish.

I loved the penalty miss. Really dislike the smartarse “stutter” penalty, and love when it goes spectacularly wrong and the taker makes himself look a proper twat. I lol’d at the Lookman one a couple of weeks ago as well.


Agreed, if you fuck around with something as important as a penalty you deserve all you get, Ingsy tried it and fucked up (might have cost him golden boot as well) but he defo learned his lesson.


Vardy gets a thump in the eye. Couldn’t happen to a better guy :+1::+1::grin:

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For me, it’s more that the taker comes across as a/ overly cocky, and b/ taking the piss out of the goalie.

…and inevitably, Leicester equalise. The only surprise is that Barnes scored it rather than Vardy.

City getting some grief for not being able to field a team and saying they should forfeit the game, don’t remember Newcastle getting the same criticism a few weeks ago, unless I missed it?

Edit: Having said this I never realised Spurs got a bye against leyton Orient for the same reason.

Grief from who? :thinking:

I’d like to see Palace hold out here for the draw, but I’m rather expecting Leicester to nick a late winner.

…and as I post, Perez buys a free kick edge of the box.


Ah, nobody important then :grin::grin::grin:

Prowsey would have buried that free kick.

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Leicester drop two points :+1:


I switched captain from Che to Vardy