Other Games - 30th - 31st January 2018

Other Games - 30th - 31st January 2018


Tonight’s game: Huddersfield Town v Liverpool 8pm


VVD dropped for this game…he’s on the bench…replaced by Lovren. :lou_lol:




Arsenal to tonk Swansea please. Liverpool to beat Huddersfield. West Ham/Palace draw would be acceptable.


Palace 1 up at Public Amenity Stadium (Benteke 24)


Swansea 1 - 1 The Arse


Udders 0 - 1 Scousers 25mins


Wet Spam get an equaliser against Palace … 1 - 1 HT

Swansea andTheArse 1 - 1 HT


Scousers go 2 up at Uddersfield 45 mins HT


live 65’
Swansea City
2 - 1


we have just dropped another place


Bloody Arsenal 3-1 now


Its not what others do but what we do, thats why I am fucking scared, we’re fucking wimps, we lose tomorrow we’re gone, and so I hope will the manager.


14 games to go Bazza. Don’t piss your pants just yet.


Swansea City
3 - 1

West Ham United
1 - 1
Crystal Palace

Huddersfield Town
0 - 3


Not pissing my pants, been bang on all season, I arrived at the party early, many come late but I am a cool guy, how many have we signed again? Redmond is the luckiest prick on the planet, don’t worry we have those workhorse Boufal and Tadic who’ll do a shift…And Yoshida barking the orders at the back…


Man up FFS. We are not gone if we lose tomorrow.


Bloody Wenger should be put out to grass.


That’s what, another 42 points? Win all of those and with what we’ve already got and the form of those around us we’ll be alright - just…


If you’re pinning it on one game then you know we’re shite, the question is how has the clueless board allowed it?

Many signings?

Any word from Ralph or Les?

Are we now a defo small club?